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STM iPad Bags - slim and trim protection for your iPad



I just examined two samples of STM iPad bags: the micro extra small iPad shoulder bag and the jacket iPad.

Both are made of quality materials, they’re stylish, and they will help keep your life organized.

The micro is roomier. It has plenty of storage space not only for your iPad, but also for your charger, your iPhone, or whatever else you want to carry in its roomy pockets. The padded shoulder strap makes it very comfortable to carry. There’s also a short handle for carrying it in your hands. This is roomy bag for its size.

Introducing: the Particle Case + Pogo Sketch for the iPad!


Finally, a case will carry my pink Pogo Sketch!

The website states that it is made from shock-absorbing material, it’s lightweight, and it protects your case where you need it most – at the edges. AND, it comes with a silver Pogo Sketch!

I’ll write more after I’ve seen it.

In the meantime, check it out on the Ten One Design Website.

Forgot your iPhone cable?...get a flipSYNC Keychain!


I have been travelling quite a lot lately, and am trying to get my gadget travel kit down to the very barest of essentials. Thanks to Scosche, this is now a little easier. The snake's nest of cables I am packing is ridiculous. With the flipSYNC, I can at least illiminate one hydra from the tangle. I wish it included a mini USB adapter though, so then I could use the RichardSolo 1800 charger with it (see my review here). It would mean I can get rid of yet another cable.

Review: TrendyDigital PadShield Element Protection Case


Just recently, you probably read the review that Cindy Downes wrote on the TrendyDigital cases for the iPad, specifically the PadShield Element Protection Case. I also had the opportunity to test out this case, courtesy of TrendyDigital. When you receive the case, you receive it in a zippered protective pouch.

iPod Touch Speaker - A fun gift for Soccer Fans!


I haven't seen this in person, but it looks like a fun gift! Here's the company's blurb: 

With the World Cup rapidly approaching, you might be interested in a great soccer gadget to help ring in the festivities of this monumental international sporting event.

The MiSoccer is a uniquely styled ‘made for iPod’ docking station in the shape of a soccer ball that boasts superb audio quality.  It’d be a great conversation piece and boom box for any World Cup party or gathering .

The soccer themed docking station is the ultimate music accessory for sports fans

Some updates and Other Tidbits

I figured I would post a variety of updates of what I have been doing with my tech lately. These are in no particular order.

Documents to go was updated two days ago with support for the iPad. This app is now a universal binary so it can be used on the iPad, Touch, and iPhone. I am looking forward to using it more on the Pad as I think I will get more use of it there than I have had on the Touch.



I recently downloaded and started using the DropBox file service.

Review: JBL On Stage Micro II



JBL released their On Stage Micro II last week. This is one of their portable speaker docks, which works with the iPhone, iPods, as well as some other devices. They were kind enough to send me a loaner unit (Thank You), which I have been using for a few weeks.

JH Audio Custom Ear Monitors: Making The Mold




I have always been a music aficionado.  If there is one thing I have learned over the years, however, it is that while good headphones may not make a good song great, bad headphones can certainly make a great song sound terrible.  Which is one reason I have always been so interested in reviewing higher end headphones, earphones, and ear monitors (terms which I will likely be using somewhat imprecisely and interchangeably). 

Take your iPad to the beach with cases from TrendyDigital



Do you work around water? Are you afraid to get stuck in the rain with your iPad? Do you wish you could take your iPad on your boat or to the beach this summer? If you answered yes to any of those questions, check out the water-protective cases by Trendy Digital.

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