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iPhone 3GS: A Killer of "Killer Devices!"

Replaces camera, camcorder, GPS and radio!

iPhone3Gs4ViewsIn the two years since the introduction of the iPhone, a number of “iPhone killers” have been released. None of these smartphones have been able to stop, or even slow down, the iPhone’s momentum. With the release of the iPhone 3GS and OS 3.0, the iPhone has become a more powerful and feature-rich device. So much so, that it is moving beyond the “smartphone” niche and becoming more of a phone/pocket computer combo.


INCASE releases new Monochrome Slider Cases for iPhone 3GS / iPhone 3G


INCASE has just released its new Monochrome Slider Case series for Fall 2009. Adding to INCASE's white and black Slider Case family, now a customer can find these sleek and durable cases made of lightweight plastic in 5 new monochromatic colors. The Monochrome Slider Case exterior are not only two-tone in look, but also have a dual textured feel to them. The hardshell case has a soft touch finish that feels comfortable in your hand while protecting your iPhone from impacts and scratches.


Backpacking through Africa

Cellular networks were widespread in northwest Africa, but data service was harder to find.

Mud MosqueWe’re Empty Nesters, and with the economy caving in and nothing else to do, my wife Gwynne and I decided to backpack through Africa. We couldn’t take much with us, but I did have room for my laptop and iPhone.

A mud mosque in Djenne, Mali


Battle of the Stands: Xtand vs. Podium

Xtand vs. Podium

 XtandPodiumAt first glance, the Just-Mobile Xtand and the Pivotal Podium seem like similar products. Both have an attractive, modern look to them and both serve the same purpose—to hold your iPhone securely, allowing you to view and access the screen while you’re sitting at a table or desk. However, there are some subtle and significant differences between these two contenders. Let’s go 12 rounds with them and discuss these differences blow by blow.


Which Earphones Are Right For You?

Reviews of high-end consumer earphones

Apple may have a great track record when it comes to earning design awards for their products, but the s that are included with every iPhone are not the most innovative. My experience is that they don’t fit very well and the sound quality is mediocre. Because of this, one of the first accessories that you should buy for your iPhone is a pair of earphones.

Fortunately, many excellent alternatives are available from third-party vendors. Like the earphones that shipped with the iPhone, they include the built-in microphone and one-push button to control your music. This review evaluates six products using the following criteria:


CTIA 2009: Quality, Not Quantity

CTIA 2009 had fewer vendors on the show floor, but plenty of quality accessories and apps were on display.

If the CTIA 2009 wireless show had an underlying theme, it would be “Quality, Not Quantity.” Let me explain… In 2008, the show was much larger and more glamorous, with runway models showing off the latest cell phones and exciting press-only events. Last year, the show floor was packed with vendors. This year, with the economy in turmoil, it seemed that the only developers there were the ones who were willing to shell out a part of their diminished marketing budget to promote quality products they really believed in!


Protect your iPhone or iPod touch with the help of accessorygeeks.com


So you’ve just taken out your brand new iPhone or iPod touch out of the box, you just can’t put it down and it hasn’t left your side in days. Stop! Before you go and download any more apps your first priority is to protect that baby. The iPhone or iPod touch is similar to any piece of electronics in that if you don’t take care of it will not take care of you.


Here are my two rules if you own or plan on owning an iPhone / iPod touch:

# 1 – Buy a screen protector

# 2 – Buy a case

Accessory Apps


I recently stopped in the Apple store and was admiring all of the shiny new laptops, iPhones and iPods when I was approached by one of the ever present Apple staffers. My husband and I were shopping for an new iPhone case for him to use when he runs, and in the name of research, I asked the young man what the most popular accessory was for the iPhone.

I was surprised when he answered “Apps. “ When pushed, he acknowledged that cases and car chargers are also popular, but then he reiterated that Apps were the most popular accessory.

Under $50: Good Noise Reduction Headphones


 I travel quite a bit, and love to listen to my iTunes music and audio programs. Trying to listen on planes and other noisy environments with standard earphones takes away much of the pleasure. I’ve been tempted by the ads for the $300 noise reduction headphones, but that seems awfully steep.

Wanted: Foldable, Portable iPhone Keyboard


 Attention product developers at MacNally, Belkin, etc. For the love of all that is holy can someone please develop a foldable, portable external keyboard for both the iPhone and iPod touch. Am I the only one who has been dying for one of these to be out on the market? I know that MacNally had created a bluetooth external keyboard last year that never made it to the market due to the fact that it required a Bluetooth connection which was not available until this past week when the iPhone 3.0 was released.

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