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OtterBox Defender case protects your iPad in style... Batman style!


I have been a fan of OtterBox cases for a long time.   When I travel or plan to be near water, I always keep my iPhone in an OtterBox case.  They used to make a waterproof case for my original iPhone, and it offered serious protection.  More recently, OtterBox has offered ruggedized cases that are not entirely waterproof.  Still, the cases typically have rubber seals for most of the openings, which is enough to protect your phone's moisture sensor from registering in a bit of rain, or by the pool, and other areas you might not want a naked iPhone.

WaterField - Stylish and Customizable - for the iPad



Here’s a carryall bag that’s not only stylish, but customizable, too. The Exo SleeveCase by WaterField is a perfect fit for your iPad. By adding the optional Piggyback pouch, there’s also room for a stylus, pen, small notebook, and other accessories. Choose between a vertical or horizontal orientation and one of two, attractive leather trims. How about a simple strap, just for carrying? Or would you prefer a suspension strap for comfort? It’s your choice.

The Exo SleeveCase is TSA Checkpoint friendly, too, making it a 5-Star bag for travelers! Prices range from $49-$99.

This iPad case has it all!



I finally found just the right iPad case just for me – the Piel Frama. It’s protective, functional AND pretty! Handmade in Spain, the portfolio-style case is offered in three leathers: cowskin, cowskin-ostrich or cowskin-crocodile and several colors: black, brown, red, green, blue, pink and orange.

Inside, it has a soft, leather lining and an inside pocket, which is just right for holding a cleaning cloth and my Pogo Sketch. The case also functions as an easel for typing. What more could I ask for?


Sleek Signal Enhancer

Boost cell signals to avoid "dead zones"

AT&T. Nothing inspires more conversation among iPhone owners than those few letters. AT&T has benefitted from their exclusive contract with Apple, but their coverage has been an easy target for competitors and late night comics. What is an iPhone road warrior to do?sleek signal enhancer


Which iPad Stand is Right for You?

A variety of options are available from Apple and third-party developers.

The iPad is an astonishing work of art and engineering. However, it lacks a means to stand it up on a flat surface. While Apple could have easily included a fold-out tripod-style leg that extended from the back of the device, doing so would have impinged on its aesthetic design. Apple does offer an optional iPad Case ($39), which not only protects the device but can be folded back to act as stand for viewing videos and images. In addition, Apple offers an optional iPad Dock ($29) and an iPad Keyboard Dock ($69), both of which stand the iPad up. But each of these includes a connector port and neither works with an iPad when it is protected by the optional case.


iPhone Cases

Protect your iPhone, add some style, and bring back some of the original allure

iPhone 4 Cases

Just three days after its release, Apple announced iPhone 4 sales of 1.7 million. Yet despite its popularity, the new device is not without its flaws. Apple moved the antenna to the outside rim of the phone in the hopes of reducing reception problems associated with previous iPhones—and AT&T's network! Unfortunately, many iPhone 4 users complain that they experience poor reception when they touch the steel band on the side of the phone. When asked about these problems, Steve Jobs infamously replied, "Just avoid holding it in that way." Fortunately, there is an easier solution—get a case (or a skin). This prevents direct contact with the metal edge band/antenna and eliminates any interference caused by the hand.


Two stylish cases for the iPad by Proporta



Proporta Mizu Shell, $39.95 

If you’re looking for protection with minimum coverage, check out the Mizu Shell by Proporta. This super tough, silicone shell protects the back and edges of the iPad against impact damage and scratches.

It fits like a glove and feels great in your hands. Available in three stylish colors: red, black and pink.

GuitarConnect Cable with iShred LIVE Product Review


The dream of thrashing out a hot guitar lick as a rock star is as pervasive today as it ever has been before.  For the Baby Boomers and Gen X'ers whose teenage years didn't have the imaginary benefit of plastic guitar controllers connected to videogame consoles, they had to learn the dream the old fashioned way - acquiring an electric guitar, an amp and the skills necessary to play the fundamental power chords.  Today's younger generation are being introduced to this dream first by basic basic rhythm and colors on a Guitar Hero or Rock Band controller, but next generation games in this genre are already taking the concept to the next level by connecting an actual guitar with actual strings and frets with the ultimate goal of teaching gamers how to play a guitar.  Hence a

Extremely COOL!


Here’s a case that allows music lovers to take music with them – ANYWHERE! I'm talking about the Eco-EXTREME, Rugged All Terrain Speaker Case.

Take it hiking, fishing, or rock climbing! The waterproof case connects to your mp3 player with a universal 1/8” headset jack and works with most mp3 players. (See website for a list.)

You'll want to Tango with this one!



I am SO excited about the new iPhone 3GS case called the Tango. Made of full-grain leather, the Tango looks beautiful, and it’s functional, too. On the outside, the case has two storage pockets for business cards and a built in clip to carry a Pogo Stylus. A snap closure fastens the case closed, keeping the iPhone secure.

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