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Fabrix Sleeve for iPad - a good first case, but I'm looking for more

The Fabrix Sleeve for the iPad is custom built to fit. You can choose from several color choices including PINK! Love the Birdies!
It’s lightweight so it doesn’t add much weight – a definite plus.
The cushioned padding inside protects your iPad, and an inner flap helps to hold the iPad in the case. (I found that the inner flap is only minor protection. Don’t count on it.)
The biggest flaw to me is that there is no protection when you take your iPad out of the case.

Novophone - RETRO is Back!

When I received the Novophone in the mail, I thought, “Good grief, we’re going back to the old days.” It looks exactly like a phone I had in my “younger” days.
So I showed it to my 33-year-old daughter, Shelly. I was shocked to discover that she likes it and even wants one! I asked her why and she gave me this list of reasons:
  1.  It makes it easy to work on something else while you are talking on the phone. She says it’s much more comfortable holding it between your head and shoulders than holding the iPhone by itself.

I'm tickled PINK!


 I'm so excited - I just received a PINK Pogo Sketch in the mail. Of all the stylus out there, I love the Pogo Sketch (see my review - Stylus Wars) and now I have one in my favorite color! 

I use my stylus lots more now that I have an iPad. It helps keep the screen fingerprint-free. 

Skip Apple's iPad Dock


Greetings folks. 

Last week when I picked up the Moses tablet I also picked up Apple's iPad dock. I wanted the iPad 10W USB Power Adapter but they were out. Purchasing the dock was a total waste. I read more about the iPad dock online and found out that the dock doesn't work if you have your iPad in a case. Big FUBAR on Apple's part.

Luckily, I didn't open it and was able to instead return it and exchange it for an extra power adapter. And the iPad power adapter comes with an additional usb sync cable and includes an extra 6 feet of cord. So folks, save the $29.00 and instead spend it on the iPad 10W USB Power Adapter for work or to keep in your bag. 

:: K



Rē not for me, not yet. Still prefer a dedicated Universal Remote Control.


While attending CES, I blogged about the trend of using an iPhone or iPod touch as a universal remote.  Since then, I have had a chance to play with the  from NewKinetix.

I really wanted to like the Rē.  I am the gadget guy, who always has the latest of everything.  I have owned numerous high-end universal remote controls, from Philips, Sony, Logitech (Harmony) and Monster Cable.  I am not opposed to spending $100 or more for a device that can connect all of my audio and video equipment and displace multiple remotes.

Feeling left out? Games & Gear for iPhone & iPod touch owners! Who needs an iPad?!


Feeling left out because of all the iPad news?  Here are some gadgets that can help iPhone and iPod touch users feel like an iPad owner at a fraction of the cost.

First, one of the nice features of the iPad is the bezel.  Yes, many folks complained about it, post announcement but before they actually got their hands on one.  The complaint was how wasteful the untouchable, black border was.  But once you use it, you can see how it's important to be able to grip the device without being detected as a "touch" on the multitouch device.  So for some games, this bezel makes a big, positive difference.

GizMag's iPad Accessories Round-up

Yesterday, GizMag's Jeff Salton published a terrific iPad accessory round-up: 

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, you might have heard that Apple has released its iPad. But what’s an iPad without accessories and, you’ve guessed it, they’ve already started hitting the shops to make the most of the hype surrounding the iPad's release. So far, there’s a nice keyboard dock, a camera connection kit, conventional docks, power adapters and chargers, and roughly as many different styles of carry bags and cases as there were units sold on the first day. We’ll give you a look at a few must-haves

How do you make a smartphone smarter? Put it in a 'smrt' case!


I go to so many tradeshows and see so many gadgets that it's hard to impress me.  This is particularly true for cases.  But once in a while I see something that just seems smart.  Such is the case with the "smrt" case from Smrtphone Solutions (www.smrtcase.com).  No, that's not a typo... there's no "a" in "smrt".  Just like they took out the "a" in "smart", they took out a piece of the case to make room for your business card, ID, credit card or hotel key.  A quick flick of the thumb and the card is released!  You could even use it to perform a magic trick... "Was this your card?!"


At CTIA, I carried my iPhone with me everywhere, naturally, but also my hotel room keycard.  It would have been nice to slide that hotel keycard into my iPhone case and know that it was always there.


Cases are available in a rainbow of colors, for a variety of cellphones.  They even offer custom logos for corporate use.


RichardSolo 1800 Review


Ben briefly reviewed this device last year, but the PR company was nice enough to send me a trial unit of a newer version, and since I'm on an extended trip, I gave it a go. It's small, light, carries an 1800mAh battery charge, and it has a laser on one end. What more could you want from a add-on travel battery?

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