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Enhance Your Video-Watching Enjoyment

These accessories will help you enjoy watching video on your iPhone

There’s no question that the iPhone delivers one of the best user experiences around. It’s great for Web browsing, listening to music, and staying connected through e-mail. In addition, it delivers a first-rate video experience for YouTube clips, music videos, and even full-length movies. Here are some accessories and apps that will make your viewing experience even more enjoyable.

Myvu Crystal

View video on high-tech eyewear

$300-$325; myvu.com


BLACK FRIDAY! iPhone and iPod touch accessories


 Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving, when retailers traditionally make enough money to shift from red ink to black) is almost here so I thought I'd share some iPhone and iPod touch accessory deals you can look forward to.  I've used the Ten One Pogo Stylus and found it useful for many games and utilities.

G Design releases iPhone Tripod Attachment


With the holiday season upon us, you better be prepared to bust out that iPhone for the spur of the moment family photo and/or video. And here is a ingenius new product to help you take that perfect photo or video. The U+3G iPhone Holder from G Design LLC is the perfect accessory to help attach your iPhone to a tripod. Not one of those small mini tripods mind you, but the larger sizes for camcorders and high end cameras. The holder accommodates all versions of the iPhone (original, 3G, 3GS).

MoGo Talk Review - A Bluetooth Headset with a Disappearing Trick


LG makes a phone called the Envy, but the LG phone that I've always envied is the Decoy.  The LG Decoy has a snap-on Bluetooth earpiece that always goes with the phone.  It's a novel concept that we iPhone users couldn't take advantage of.  Now, there's a headset for that!


Mommy is Mad!!!


Open letter to all iPhone Accessory Manufacturers,


Hey Guys. Did you forget about us? The iPhone Moms? According to Greystripe – the leading mobile brand advertising network - 29.5% of iPhone users are moms. How will that number jump once Santa or Hanukah Harry comes around?
Where are the products for us? Do you not understand that mom’s don’t like BlueTooth? Here’s why:

            * It’s too confusing.

iPhone OS 3.1.2 A2DP / AVRCP (stereo Bluetooth) iPhone 3G / 3GS test results


You may well remember that, immediately after the release of OS 3.0 and the 3G S, I’ve published quite a few tests on stereo Bluetooth (A2DP) headphones compatibility with both the iPhone 3G and the 3G S (see THIS for my latest report).

Now that version 3.1.2 is out and I had some time to research how it can be safely jailbroken, I’ve re-run the tests, particularly in order to find out how voice control over Bluetooth works.

Protect Your iPhone!

Screen protectors, cases, and stands prevent damage and protect your investment.

I was home visiting my family and was pleased to see that my cousin was given a brand new iPhone 3GS as a graduation gift. However, I was less than pleased to see that she had given no thought to protecting her new phone. The iPhone is a pretty sturdy device, but it’s not indestructible. I made sure she purchased two absolutely necessary accessories: a screen protector and a case.


Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headsets, Headphones, and Speakers for the iPhone

Bluetooth Headsets, Headphones, and Speakers

With the introduction of OS 3.0, Apple enabled A2DP capability on the iPhone, making it possible to use Bluetooth stereo headsets with the device. Unfortunately, there are performance issues associated with Bluetooth stereo, causing the audio to skip when you use another app while listening to music. You may also have problems with the audio getting out of sync when playing a video.


Apps and Accessories Fit For a Female

Make shopping eaiser; organize your wardrobe; avoid laundry accidents; and more.

Being a woman in my late twenties, I like my tech gadgets to be fashionable, yet I also expect them to be functional, intuitive, and worth every penny I pay for them. Thankfully, there are many accessories and apps that suit my lifestyle, and don’t compromise substance for style. Have a peek at some of my selections below.


Atomic Bass Aluminum Earphones

$49.99; radiusearphones.com


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