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Protect your iPhone 4 plus improve reception with BodyGuardz films and Hard Candy Cases


Much has been written about both the fragile glass back and the antenna issues of the new iPhone 4.  So I tried two distinct solutions that could not be more different.

Protect your shiny new iPad and iPhone in a Cocoon


I am always on the lookout for the perfect carrying case for my iPad and Cocoon Innovations may have come close.  Unfortunately, they have two great cases, each with subtle differences, so the hard part is deciding which one to get!

ZOMM Wireless Leash and Bluetooth Speaker keeps your hands free and phone from getting lost


Of all the gadgets I get to test, I was anticipating the ZOMM (http://www.ZOMM.com) more than any other.  I have attended press briefings at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas for a couple of decades, and the past two years, ZOMM was demonstrating their prototype but now it is finally shipping!

JH Audio Custom Ear Monitors: Crafting the Monitors


One of the things that has always intrigued me about custom ear monitors is the process of crafting them.  I mean, I know it starts with a mold of your ears, and ends with custom-made in-ear monitors.  But that is only the beginning (and end) of the process.  Recently, I had an opportunity to site down with Jerry Harvey, the founder of JHAudio, to talk about the process of creating these custom in-ear monitors.

Case Reviews: BudgetGadgets iPad Cases


A company in Shenzhen, China, called BudgetGadgets contacted me with a request to try out some of their iPad cases. They specialize in gadgets, so I said sure, let’s see what they have to offer. They sent me two iPad cases to try out.

One of the cases in made of Silicone. The quality of this case is not bad. It fit wells, seems secure, and has a nice feel in the hand. The iPad slipped in smoothly.

Blue Mikey Correction and recording with Yeti on an iPad!


A bit of news for the would be iPad recording artist and an article correction/update to our recent issue. The amazing Yeti USB mic from Blue Microphones can be used with the iPad (using a connection kit). The Yeti is an excellent recording mic, but combined with the iPad and Blue FiRe app, you can have the makings of a lightweight recording rig. I also need to print a correction to my recent article on recording with Blue FiRe. I said that BF only recorded in mono, but in fact supports both mono and stereo. Read on for more press info about the Yeti + iPad hookup..

Connecting iPad and Yeti...

STM iPad Bags - slim and trim protection for your iPad



I just examined two samples of STM iPad bags: the micro extra small iPad shoulder bag and the jacket iPad.

Both are made of quality materials, they’re stylish, and they will help keep your life organized.

The micro is roomier. It has plenty of storage space not only for your iPad, but also for your charger, your iPhone, or whatever else you want to carry in its roomy pockets. The padded shoulder strap makes it very comfortable to carry. There’s also a short handle for carrying it in your hands. This is roomy bag for its size.

Introducing: the Particle Case + Pogo Sketch for the iPad!


Finally, a case will carry my pink Pogo Sketch!

The website states that it is made from shock-absorbing material, it’s lightweight, and it protects your case where you need it most – at the edges. AND, it comes with a silver Pogo Sketch!

I’ll write more after I’ve seen it.

In the meantime, check it out on the Ten One Design Website.

Forgot your iPhone cable?...get a flipSYNC Keychain!


I have been travelling quite a lot lately, and am trying to get my gadget travel kit down to the very barest of essentials. Thanks to Scosche, this is now a little easier. The snake's nest of cables I am packing is ridiculous. With the flipSYNC, I can at least illiminate one hydra from the tangle. I wish it included a mini USB adapter though, so then I could use the RichardSolo 1800 charger with it (see my review here). It would mean I can get rid of yet another cable.

Review: TrendyDigital PadShield Element Protection Case


Just recently, you probably read the review that Cindy Downes wrote on the TrendyDigital cases for the iPad, specifically the PadShield Element Protection Case. I also had the opportunity to test out this case, courtesy of TrendyDigital. When you receive the case, you receive it in a zippered protective pouch.

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