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A bag with a bonus!


Here’s a bag with a bonus! The Cocoon Innovations Messenger Sling bag not only protects and transports the iPad, but it also contains an extremely functional insert, the GRID-ITTM. The GRID-ITTM is designed to hold pens, a stylus, earphones, flash drives, notepads, business cards, charging cord, small electronics and other accessories. Customize it any way you like with the woven elastic grids that hold the accessories in place. The back of the GRID-ITTM even doubles as a mouse pad.

It's Here: ThinkFlood's RedEye Mini!


Today's the day that the RedEye Mini is available for purchase. This is their new portable remote control plug in. Below is the press release that I thought I would share with you.

Behind the Scenes With JHAudio


Before we get into the final installment of my multi-part review of the JH Audio JH 16 Pro, I wanted to take a peek behind the curtain at the people behind these fantastic in-ear monitors.  So, what did I find?  Would you believe Van Halen?  Yup...we'll get to that.

Revenge of the Case Companies

I recently wrote about the dilemma facing third party case companies (http://www.iphonelife.com/blog/2458/making-case-case-companies) now that Apple is giving away Bumpers and presumably an Apple-approved selection of third party cases since they can't meet the demand using Bumpers alone.

Making the case for case companies


Oh the life of an iPhone case manufacturer.  You make an accessory for one of the most secretive technology companies around.  They don't trust you so you don't get early information, making it a mad scramble to have products available soon after the gadget is launched.  With the iPhone 4, things got messy.

On the one hand, the 'misplaced' iPhone 4 prototype gave case makers (and the rest of us) a glimpse into the potential iPhone 4 design.  It had a glass back so case makers must have been delighted that their cases would be needed for protection.

An interesting concept - a lock on the iPad?


Here’s an interesting concept. The iPad Security Case by newPCgadgets includes a combination lock to keep out friends, classmates and co-workers! No, it won’t prevent your iPad from being stolen, but it will keep out the curious.

The form-fitting, black leather case allows easy access to all ports. A tab on back creates a “stand” for typing, which is a handy feature. There’s also a convenient penholder attached, in which you can store a pen or stylus.

Check out macally for the "naked" look



For those of you who like the “naked” iPad look, macally makes a number of snap-on shells that provide back and corner protection, while maintaining the iPad’s original appearance. All the connections and controls remain open for easy access. Made from rubber for secure grip or hardshell plastic. Colors range from crystal clear to silver or black. See the macally website for styles and colors. 

I want to ask Apple iPhone 4 to the Prom


Everything to me can be compared to high school days. Over ten years removed, the temptation exists at some point just about every day to discuss an aspect of my current situation to the voice-cracking days of yesteryear.

In my mind the iPhone 4 is still 'so hot' right now. Assuming the company is female and does not look anything like Steve Jobs or George Castanza (Not that there is anything wrong with that), I would nervously as Apple to the Prom, still.

Sure she is a bit posessive and won't let you talk to other girls sometimes but she is beautiful and has great 'Apps'.

iPad Case: Defender Series by OtterBox



As you may (or may not) know, OtterBox recently released two new cases for the iPad. These cases are called the Defender and Commuter series. I was excited when I saw the original product announcement and requested to try out the Defender series case. I own the smaller version for my Touch, so it only made sense for me to check this guy out. I was very lucky to get my hands on a review unit. I want to say Thank You very much to OtterBox for giving me this opportunity. I am in the process of using and testing this case out. I will report back with a full review in a week or two with my impressions.

OtterBox Defender case protects your iPad in style... Batman style!


I have been a fan of OtterBox cases for a long time.   When I travel or plan to be near water, I always keep my iPhone in an OtterBox case.  They used to make a waterproof case for my original iPhone, and it offered serious protection.  More recently, OtterBox has offered ruggedized cases that are not entirely waterproof.  Still, the cases typically have rubber seals for most of the openings, which is enough to protect your phone's moisture sensor from registering in a bit of rain, or by the pool, and other areas you might not want a naked iPhone.

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