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Ed Curran is Shooting Video of CES on His iPhone with an OWLE


 Reporter Ed Curran - who works for a CBC affiliate in Chicago - is at CES and he's doing all his video shooting and editing on his iPhone with the help of the OWLE (previously covered here and here on iPHone Life by me).

CES - New iPhone Cases


Last night I attended "Digital Experience" at the Mirage's Grand Ballroom.  All the BIG guys were there, like.....Google, Yahoo, Sony, Canon, Phillips, Griffin, Powermat, Speck, Dragon Dictation & Morphie.  

There are so many things to write about...so little time right now.  Here are a couple of the cases that I am excited about:

Pong -

Reduces cell phone radiation to the head by 60%.  Great idea for kids, who's brains are still developing. It's a nice looking case. Very comfortable in the hand.


iPhone Headphones and the MacBook Pro

So I'm working on my MacBook Pro and listening to music with my iPhone headphones connected to the computer.  I take a break and happen to look down and see the buttons on the headphone and begin to wonder if they will control iTunes on my MacBook.  I decide to give it a try and son of a gun, they work. The upper and lower buttons control the volume. One click of the middle button paused the music. Two clicks and I was listening to the next song. Three clicks and I was back to the previous song.  

I thought I had made the discovery of the year. I was ready to go online and spread the word and show the world my genius. I was ready for the accolades to start coming in. Fame was mine!

So you got a new iPhone or iPod touch... now protect it!


 You probably want to keep it looking new and who can blame you.  It's like a new car, and you're dreading your first ding or scratch.  I know, I've been there and I'm a perpetual phone dropper!

Regular readers of my columns know that I use a lot of different cases, depending on the occasion.  For formal events, I might put my iPhone in a slim case and slip it in my suitcoat.  But for travel, I use an OtterBox and have done so since the days of my first generation iPhone.

Best Apps and Accessories for 2009

For a list of Best Apps and Accessories for 2009, be sure to read Nate Adcock's blog. I added my list in the comments.

MusicSkin in action


The MusicSkin (for my iPhone) with John Lennon in front of the Statue of Liberty has arrived, just in time for holiday photo-taking.

The plastic skin fits nicely on the back of the phone. Line up the camera hole (after first punching it out of the plastic) and the rest should fit. It was easy to peel off and reposition. I notice only a few wrinkles.

It changes my color scheme from pure black to a mix of black-and-white. (Other MusicSkins are quite colorful, but this one is more stark.) But it's noticeable. The first time I used it my cool nephew asked, "Where did you get the Lennon phone, Uncle Tim?!"

The image is so clear that you can even read the sign behind John and right at the base of Lady Liberty, which says "Keep Off Grass." I wonder if he thought that would be in the picture. Hmm...

One mistake I made was assuming there was also a clear sheet for the front of the iPhone, so I took mine off. When I put the old one in place I had way too many air pockets and bubbles, so I'll probably have to replace that and do a better job of it.

The packaging says you can also download matching wallpaper from the MusicSkins.com web site, but when I tried from the iPhone I got an error message, telling me it couldn't download the file through Safari. Huh!

This $14 accessory is certainly not essential -- unless you're a Beatles freak. Smile, and say "Peace..."


Hand Held Hollywood Reviews the OWLE Bubo

Until I get an OWLE Bubo and can review it myself, here is Taz Goldstein of Hand Held Hollywood doing an indepth review on video, including test shots and gives some handy tips.  

Compact Flash Reader for iPhone


What I would really love to find is a card reader for the iPhone.  I want to upload pictures from Sony DSLR camera via the iPhone.  I don't want to lug a laptop around when I can do everything else with my uber powerful iPhone.

If anyone knows of one, tell me.  If not, tell someone to make it for me!!!

Maybe it will be announced at CES?  A girl can dream.

Looking for stocking stuffers for the man in your life?


Here’s another stocking stuffer that might please the man in your life – the Mophie Hip Holster. It’s a perfect fit for the iPhone  that is dressed in a Mophie Juick Pack.

After giving this holster to my husband, he immediately fastened it to his pants and has been wearing it ever since (except when he has his carpenter jeans on). He says it’s a great way to carry the iPhone when you don’t have a big pockets. It’s easy to open and close because of its magnet closure; and it’s easy to get the iPhone in and out because it fits just right!

Interview with inventor of the Bandshell accessory


Have you ever used the speakerphone feature of your iPhone and wondered if you were being heard alright? You probably asked the other party, because it didn’t sound so great coming out of your iPhone. You wish the sound was just a little louder, and a little more clear. Oh, and it would be great if your iPhone propped itself up while you talked, too.

The Bandshell  iPhone amplifier case does that and other good stuff, too.”The durable case gives us what we all want -- protection of this little personal computer we carry around with us,” Ted McNamara, the inventor of the Bandshell, said by speakerphone today. “These are delicate machines.”

Ted uses it just about every time a call comes in. “I get a call. I open the sound case, hit speakerphone, set it on its side and start talking to the person. I can hear them better, too,” he says. But when he doesn’t want to have the Bandshell around his iPhone, it’s very easy to remove.

It’s all made in Wisconsin, from American resources, so they’re helping to support  the local economy, too. Bandshells come in about a dozen colors, and the web site recommends that users trade backs and fronts with their friends, to create unique color combinations.

Ted took a green front and attached it to a red back to create a Christmas cover. If you want to come up with your own color combo (purple and white, Vikings fans?), you may have to buy two.

Many thousands of very lucky youngsters (and older folks as well) are going to be getting iPhones over the holidays, and there are hundreds of cases to choose from. They might appreciate getting the gift of a case that helps them hear – and be heard – a little bit better.

Bandshells are available for $19.99. The company is participating in Free Shipping Day on December 17, 2009 (http://www.bandshellcase.com/). For a video demonstration of Bandshells in action, click on the home page link that says “How It Works.”

[NOTE: This blog entry has been edited to reflect the fact that Ted McNamara is the sole inventor of the Bandshell.]

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