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GuitarConnect Cable with iShred LIVE Product Review


The dream of thrashing out a hot guitar lick as a rock star is as pervasive today as it ever has been before.  For the Baby Boomers and Gen X'ers whose teenage years didn't have the imaginary benefit of plastic guitar controllers connected to videogame consoles, they had to learn the dream the old fashioned way - acquiring an electric guitar, an amp and the skills necessary to play the fundamental power chords.  Today's younger generation are being introduced to this dream first by basic basic rhythm and colors on a Guitar Hero or Rock Band controller, but next generation games in this genre are already taking the concept to the next level by connecting an actual guitar with actual strings and frets with the ultimate goal of teaching gamers how to play a guitar.  Hence a

Extremely COOL!


Here’s a case that allows music lovers to take music with them – ANYWHERE! I'm talking about the Eco-EXTREME, Rugged All Terrain Speaker Case.

Take it hiking, fishing, or rock climbing! The waterproof case connects to your mp3 player with a universal 1/8” headset jack and works with most mp3 players. (See website for a list.)

You'll want to Tango with this one!



I am SO excited about the new iPhone 3GS case called the Tango. Made of full-grain leather, the Tango looks beautiful, and it’s functional, too. On the outside, the case has two storage pockets for business cards and a built in clip to carry a Pogo Stylus. A snap closure fastens the case closed, keeping the iPhone secure.

Series: JHAudio 16 In-Ear Monitors


It has been pretty much the white whale of my reviewing career...custom earphone.  Sure, I have been able to check out quite a free higher end earphones, many of which were very nice.  Custom earphones, or in ear monitors, are in a whole different league though, and I have been chasing a pair to review for as long as I have been jotting notes about mobile technology these past four years or so.

Make Mobile Presentations with the iPad

Teamed up with Keynote and the M1 Plus Micro Projector,the iPad becomes a mobile presentation platform

AaxaM1ProjectorApple’s Keynote app makes it possible to take your iPad on the road and make presentations without a traditional computer. However, if you’re going to talk to a large group you still need a projector.


MiFi keeps you connected



The Chinese word for Challenge also means Opportunity.  I kept this in mind when my cable modem Internet connection stopped working today.  Fortunately, I have a review unit of the Novatel MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot.  It's basically a wireless 3G modem.  I was planning to seek out a remote location to test it.  But suddenly not having any Internet here in the suburbs proved to be an opportunity to test out this device in the comfort of my own home, and get some work done!


The Novatel MiFi 2200

Coming Soon: ThinkFlood’s RedEye Mini


Back in April, I reviewed the ThinkFlood RedEye remote control system.

Finally a real Flashlight app!


Before there was an app store, one of the first apps created for jailbroken iPhones was a Flashlight app by the excellent Erica Sadun.  It basically used the screen display as a light emitting device.  We have finally come full circle with the iPhone 4 which has an actual LED for use as a flash.  An enterprising developer, Michael D'Ulisse of More Blu Sky saw this as an opportunity to create a real flashlight app that projected light.

Protect your iPhone 4 plus improve reception with BodyGuardz films and Hard Candy Cases


Much has been written about both the fragile glass back and the antenna issues of the new iPhone 4.  So I tried two distinct solutions that could not be more different.

Protect your shiny new iPad and iPhone in a Cocoon


I am always on the lookout for the perfect carrying case for my iPad and Cocoon Innovations may have come close.  Unfortunately, they have two great cases, each with subtle differences, so the hard part is deciding which one to get!

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