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Woo Hoo - finally got an iPhone 4 case in pink!



My Marware SportGrip Edge arrived today and it’s perfect!

The soft band fits tightly around the iPhone’s edges, so my iPhone still looks like an iPhone. I like that. I think they call this the “minimalist” look.

Although it’s super cool looking, it still provides protection against light bumps for the edges, corners, front and back. Marware even includes two clear protective films, one for front and one for back, as well as a cleaning cloth with the case. The protective films protect against scratches.  

Review: Kensington PowerBolt Micro Charger


This is a pretty neat little car charger if you want to charge your devices while on the go. Best of all it chargers a multitude of idevices (as you can see below) including the iPad and the new iPhone 4. I think that adds value.

In my test, I used my iPod Touch and iPad. I had no issues providing power to them from my car. With the purchase, you get the micro plug and a black cable. The cable looks and feels heavy duty, thicker than the standard cable that comes from Apple.

Add a second or even third monitor for $10 with Air Display!


Remember when the iPad came out and all the naysayers said "It's just a big iPod touch?"  Well, my response was "Yeah, but wouldn't a big iPod touch be GREAT?!"  It's like saying a 42" TV is just a big 13" TV.  Yes, and sign me up for the big one!  If I can have a larger screen, I'm all for it, and if I can have multiple screens, that's good too!

My colleague, Jim Karpen, wrote a preview of the $10 Air Display app from Avatron Software back in May and I've had a chance to play with the app, on my iPad and all I can say is "Holy Cow!"

There's no doubt why this iPhone 4 case is called the Defender!



I received the OtterBox Defender iPhone 4 Case in the mail today and have spent the last hour checking it out. The first thing that occurred to me as I was examining it is that "Defender" is the perfect name for this case.

The case is actually three layers of cases. Your iPhone first snaps into Layer 1, which is made from strong black plastic. This inside case has an integrated, clear plastic front so there’s no need to add a screen protective film on the front of your iPhone. 

Recall Notice: ThinkFlood's RedEye Mini


 I recently completed a review on the RedEye Remote control system from ThinkFlood. Today I received notice that these units are being recalled. Please see below.


Recall of RedEye mini Lot C0101

We regret to announce a full recall of RedEye mini units bearing serial numbers beginning with C0101. We have determined that there is a high likelihood that these units will fail. Customers who purchased may choose to receive either a replacement unit from the next lot (D0102) or a full refund of their purchase.

 Failures are the result of vibrations which cause wiring between the headphone jack and the mini’s printed circuit board to break or to create short circuits with other components.

Attractive, feels great and protects: the iSkin Duo



What’s attractive, feels great in your hands, and keeps your iPad protected? It’s the iSkin Duo.

It’s attractive because it’s available in lots of fun colors like Sky blue, Diablo red, Glam pink, Persia purple, and Soleil yellow, as well as clear and black.

It feels great in your hands because it’s made of rubberized silicone that provides a firm grip without being bulky. A black, front screen border adds a comfortable thumb grip, while maintaining the iPad’s sleek appearance.  

Get your Bumper case now (or select an alternative third party case)!


I predict this will be the #1 Lifestyle Free app momentarily... 

iPhone 4 Case Program is a free app that makes sure you are eligible for a free Bumper or a selection of third party cases.

The app is pretty straightforward.  It makes note of your device's ID and iTunes ID and you select which case you want.  I'm still not sold on the Bumper, as I prefer protection all around, and there will probably be a lot of Bumpers on eBay in the near future!

Review: ThinkFlood's RedEye Mini




Well, I have had some time to try out this new RedEye Mini. What’s different about this than their original?  A lot. The original was more of a base station unit that was tied to one room. This new Mini is all about Portability and multi iDevice usage. You can keep it at home, or you can bring it on the go. You can use it in an iPad, an iPhone, or an iPod Touch. There are no restrictions, and as you can see from the pictures, it comes with a handy keychain case. Plus, this unit is more affordable and I think this added with the fact it is portable, makes it a better value.

Review: Otterbox iPad Defender Series Case


Well, it’s been about a week or so since I received the Otterbox Defender Series case for iPad. What do I think about it? I love it. I have been using it non stop since.

First off, it comes packaged in a cardboard box, and is held in place inside via a cardboard tray. When you take it out, you will see a folder under the Box with the Otterbox colors and logo. Inside this you will find that they provide a screen shield, a cleaning cloth and a squeegee.

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