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Dear AT&T, I'd really like to use my iPhone abroad, without exorbitant charges

When GSM first came out I was intrigued by its promise of having a phone that would work all over the world, wherever there was GSM coverage. I thought it'd be a little bit like those old global dial-up systems where all you had to do was put in your AOL account name, and the modem calls made in Osaka or Taipei or wherever became all local calls, included in my fixed monthly AOL fee. And as someone who frequently checked out all sorts of phone-enabled hardware, I liked the idea of a little SIM card that I could pop into any phone or communicator to make it work and act like my phone.

Did You Get Candy For Valentines Day?


 Well, you already know from a previous post that I love my cases. So it will not be any surprise to you then when I say that I bought a new one. I had an Apple gift card burning a hole in my pocket so I took a trip to the store. I purchased a Speck CandyShell case for my touch. I have been using it for a week now and love it. I am not going to review it in detail because there are so many of them published already. I did my fair amount of research though before making the purchase. The only thing I will say is that I am concerned with the little strip on the edge between the connectors and the front. I say that because I think it is very flimsy and may be the weakest part of the design. Will it break, who knows?

At Macworld: iTouch Gloves Keeps Your Hands Warm and Lets You Use Your iPhone


How many times have you been out in the cold and had to remove a glove to use your iPhone or iPod touch? There have been several vendors at Macworld that are showing winter gloves that allow you to use your iPhone or iPod touch without having to take off your gloves and risk frostbite.  iTouch Gloves has taken the concept to a whole new level.

itouch Gloves has produced a line of high fashion gloves for men and women that are of the highest quality. Just one look and you know these are not ordinary gloves.  They are elegant and make a fashion statement. While not inexpensive (they range from about $100 to $200 a pair), if quality and style are important to you, these fit the bill.

I was able to speak with Jerry Leto, the man who developed the material that allows these gloves to work on touch screens.  He saw a need and decided to create a fabric that was both functional and elegant. He showed his fabric to one of the early developers of touch screens and was told that it wouldn't work. He proved him wrong.

Now you can keep your hands warm, be fashionable and still use your iPhone. www.iTouchGloves.com

At Macworld: SkyGazer iPhone App

I got a chance to look at and talk to the developer of the StarGazer and StarVoyager iPhone apps at Macworld today.  These are amazing apps for those who are interested in the nighttime sky.  The company took the essentials of their desktop astronomy applications and adapted them for the iPhone. 

Joby Unveils New Products at MacWorld!!


 I knew someone had reviewed the Joby Gorillapod line either in print or blog, and dug it up here on Heather Dale's site. I also have a fabulous Gpod camera holder/stand for my camera (kids bought it from ThinkGeek) and it doubles as a holder/stand thing for my iPod, and PDAs. It is often handy for taking steady, clear gadget close-ups. Joby just announced an expanded product line at MacWorld, so maybe our folks there can go check em out at booth#1659 – South Hall! I'm too busy back east shoveling snow...sigh!

hf2 - High Fidelity - BEST earphones I have found!


I have searched "High and Low" to find the best earphones out there.  I think I found them!!!  The hf2 by Etymotic is by far the most comfortable earphone I have tried.  They stay comfortably in my ears, block out extra noise, equalize my ear pressure and sound AWESOME.

The Stylus Wars


In Corner #1, we have my reigning champ – The Pogo Stylus by Ten One Design. He’s short and well packed, which makes him easy to hold and use.

Oh Voi!


In this review I take a look at the Voi! case by Lorem for the iPhone 3G/3Gs ($24.95, and an additional $5.95 if you want the screen protector) let me tell you, it is a great product!

NAO Symphony - Ultimate Stereo Speakers


Picture this....you are sitting in bed, you want to listen to your "Sleepy Time" playlist (a mix of Celtic and Hawaiian music) but you also want to check the weather for tomorrow, your calendar and read a chapter of "Julie & Julia" on your eReader app before the Sandman arrives.

With the current iPhone/iPod docking stations, you can't hold your iPhone while it's docked, but you can with the NAO Music Station.  How is that possible??  BlueTooth and Wifi.  Listen and control your playlist right from your iPhone while listening to the sweet sounds emitting from your speakers. 

The iPad: Good enough to displace assorted single-purpose gadgets

I never liked being called "Jack of all trades" because the assumption that follows is "Master of none."  In reality, I consider myself to be a Renaissance man, capable of performing well in multiple fields, such as programming, marketing, design, teaching, and writing.  This has served me well as an entrepreneur.  The iPad is in a similar position.  The iPad may not be the best eBook reader because it doesn't use e-Ink which aids screen legibility and battery life, but it's pretty darn good.  The iPad may not accept DVDs or SD cards, which my current portable video player does, but it's pretty darn good.  The iPad might not be the best video game platform because it lacks physical buttons, but it's pretty darn good.

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