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Accessories for Your Summer Vacation

Flexible stands, headphones for kids, motorcycle gloves

Summer is here and the time is right… to get the family out of Dodge and head out on that annual summer vacation. If you're anything like me, you spend multiple hours and many months planning your summer vacation. This is arguably the most important planning you will do all year; your family depends on it and if you mess this up, the kids will be utterly disappointed.

So, after all this planning, how do you make sure everything goes smoothly, and you optimize every minute of the precious family time? Your iPhone will not assure smooth sailing, but it sure can help. We know the iPhone can make you more productive at work, but there are many ways your iPhone can make your vacation more productive and more enjoyable as well.


Kensington Sling Bag - highly recommended!


The Kensington Sling Bag has plenty of neat features that make it the ultimate carry all for your iPad. Not only can you safely carry your iPad inside a foam-lined pouch, but the bag also has room inside for a wallet, notebook, cleaning cloth, earplugs, and power cords. And, on the outside, there is another zipper-close pocket for your cell phone and whatever else you can fit inside. Very handy indeed!

Ivyskin's Smartcase goes the distance! Rugged protection plus extended battery!


Now I've seen it all.  I've been looking for a rugged iPad case that can withstand my occasional clumsiness, and give me peace of mind when I let my kids play with my iPad.  But I also wanted something that felt good in my hand, with a rubberized grip.  Not to be a dreamer, but an extended battery would be great, so I don't have to always plug in my iPad at night.  And a built-in stand would be nice.

Pad Your iPad

Covers and Carrying Cases

With the highly anticipated release of the Apple iPad, accessory providers flocked to the new platform to provide a whole new catalog of items in time for the April 3, 2010 iPad release date. Beyond Apple's own Keyboard Dock ($69), standalone Dock ($29), Case ($39), and Camera Connection Kit ($29), various vendors are offering their interpretations of what makes the ideal protective covers and carrying cases. While some have been able to repurpose existing products based on Netbook dimensions, most have accounted for the unique, slim dimensions of the iPad and designed products specifically tailored around those requirements.


Turn Your iPad into a Netbook

Don't get too excited. This is not due out until later this year.  The Clamcase turns your iPad into a Netbook. The case protects your iPad and includes a Bluetooth keyboard.  The case allows you to view your iPad in various positions, though it needs to be in landscape to use the keyboard. Check it out at clamcase.com

Protect your iPad in luxurious style with the Piel Frama Leather iPad Case


For all of you out there with an iPad, you know that a case for it is a MUST! Especially the amount of money you have spent on it. You need to protect it. If you are in the market for a high end case and want something a little more stylish that the generic Apple case, then this is for you. You and your iPad will definitely be making a statement with this case.

30% off PINK POGO STYLUS for Mother's Day!


My favorite stylus in my favorite color is now on sale just for Mother's Day! Read my review here.  


Love the OSU Colors!


I received the iLUV fabric case last week and have been using it all week. The iLUV is a slipcase made of sturdy fabric in which you can store and carry your iPad while not in use.

The case is very sturdy, and I feel confident that my iPad is protected. The band clip is a nice touch, especially since it comes in three colors – one of which is the same colors as Oklahoma State University – Go Cowboys!

The ManHandle: A He-Man's alternative to the Man Purse, for your iPad!


I am always on the lookout for the perfect case, and the iPad presents a particular challenge.  I want something that can protect the iPad, while it is in use, so a slipcase doesn't cut it for me.  I also want to be able to grip my iPad with a handle.  And I would prefer to not carry a "Man Purse".  Yes, I'm superficial.

With that in mind, and nothing on the market that seemed to meet my needs, I went ahead and created just such a tool.  I call it the "ManHandle".  It is created completely with parts you could get at a hardware store.  It looks tough, because it is.  And it only cost me around $20.

Bitten by the Taipan


 Booq names its bags after snakes, and the Taipan Shadow XS ($79.95) is a killer.

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