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Review: The iCarpus - Get a Grip





Here is a neat little gadget to check out.  No matter what kind of handheld device or phone you may have, I think this will interest you, as it is not just limited to iDevices. iCarpus has recently introduced a stand / holder for mobile devices.



It is packaged in a small plastic & cardboard sleeve. The holder is made of plastic (white) and has non slip edges (grey).

iHolder - it's definitely a tool you can use!



The iHolder is sweet! I've been using my iPad with my Bluetooth keyboard, but I was having trouble getting my iPad in a position that was easy to use. Now, with iHolder, I can set the iPad so it looks and acts like a computer screen!

BookBook turns your iPad into a classic book


I have anticipated this day for quite some time.  Twelve South, the makers of iconic products for the Mac and more recently the iPad, have finally released the BookBook case.  The BookBook has been available for Macbook's for some time and they are gorgeous real leather, black, brown and red works of art that you store your laptop in.  When closed, they look just like classic novels.

This and That


I wanted to give some updates on some of the stuff I am up to.


First off, my wife went over to the dark side! Not really but I thought that was a dramatic beginning. She is now the proud owner of a 3rd Gen 32 GB iPod Touch. We updated it to iOS4 right off the bat and I got her synced with Outlook as well as her email set up. That iOS4 looks awesome. I’m jealous since my 2G will never have all the benefits.

Griffin Stylus Product Review


The iPad redefined the way people interact with computers.  Prior to its commercial arrival, tablet PC's had attempted to recreate the pen and notepad metaphor with mixed results.  It took an innovative company like Apple to scrap that approach and go for the gold.

However, some iPad users (artists and designers especially) have an itch that only a stylus can scratch.  Griffin Technology, a company well established in the art of taking Apple hardware to new vertical heights, sees enough of a market need from those styli-seeking customers.  As such, the Griffin Stylus attempts to answer this call.

I'm Xtremely happy with my new XtremeMac Nylon Sleeve



I previously wrote how much I love the iSkin Duo for its cool look and superior grip. However, it doesn’t provide enough protection for my iPad when in my purse.

Review: JHAudio JH 16 Pro In Ear Monitors



Wow!  I have a confession to make.  For the last 38 years, I lived a lie.  I told everyone I knew that I enjoyed listening to music.  Now, I can tell you the truth.  I never actually heard music before I started using the JH16-Pro in ear monitors.  To be fair, this was not an intentional lie.  I just had no idea what I was missing.  Now I do…and I do not think I will ever hear music the same way again.  Jump in with both feet and hang on for a wild ride through the JHAudio’s signature custom in ear monitor.

Protection: The First Line of Defense

It was about 3 years ago when I went to sell my trusted Palm device because I was making the switch to a 2nd gen iPod Touch. I had found this amazing plastic shield protection that I wrapped it with a few years before to save it from scratching too badly. Now since it was time to let it go, I peeled off the plastic to find that there was not even one scratch on it. My Palm device looked brand new, like it just came out of the box. I was totally impressed!....and got an extra $50 because it was in such good condition. Understand here, that there were no scratches on the plastice either....that's how well it held up. The product is Invisible Shield and the company is Zagg. (which is short for zealous about great gadgets)

Review: OtterBox Commuter Series Case for iPad


Not too long ago I tested and published a review on the very cool OtterBox Defender Case for iPad (link below). I just recently also received the opportunity to test drive the Commuter Series for the iPad.

I did not take a photo of the box and folder inside. It’s the same design (different wording) as the Defender Case. You also get the screen shield which is one of the three layers of protection, along with the cleaning cloth and squeegee.

Stay classy, iPhone Life readers... with a case from Proporta!


I'm a classy guy, trust me.  Okay, at least I try to be.  And my latest case for the iPhone 4 helps!  It's from Proporta and it's made out of luxurious leather with, get this, a leather-encased aluminum cover.  The aluminum protects the iPhone screen, but the leather lining makes it soft to the touch.  It truly is "like butter."

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