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Sleek booster helps callers hear you now, even with AT&T


AT&T.  Nothing inspires more conversation among iPhone owners than those few letters.  AT&T has benefitted from their exclusive contract, but their coverage has been an easy target for competitors and late night comics.  What is an iPhone road warrior to do?

I had the chance to try the Sleek from Wilson Electronics, Inc.  ($130 MSRP).  True to the name, the Sleek is smaller than Wilson’s previous models and more portable than hardwired models.  I had always been hesitant to try any device that needed to be permanently wired into my car or that worked exclusively with one phone.

HandHeldItems.Com Screen Protectors


 I have been looking for a good quality affordable screen protector for the iPad. I wanted to add a little screen protection and get a sheet that helps cut down on the fingerprints. I did not really want to spend $25-$30 for one screen protector, because I have always had a problem putting them on the smaller devices.  I figured putting one on the iPad would put me over the edge. I did not want to throw $25 bucks down the drain and have to throw it out because I messed it up too bad. I would not mind putting a few extra bucks in to get a high quality product, because in the end it’s usually worth it. But I was not going to take a chance on this, just in case. I went to HandHeldItems.com because I know they had some iPad accessories there.

Fashionable and Functional Cases

Practical, Stylish, and Ready For Wear n' Tear

The iPhone is considered one of the sleekest, sexiest smartphones on the market today. However, finding a case that doesn't spoil its style can be a challenge. You need something that not only protects the iPhone, but also suites your own lifestyle and personality. Whether you're a runner, an eco-conscious gal, or like keeping up with the latest fashion trends, there are iPhone cases for you. Here are five of my favorite, functional, and fashionable cases. Best of all, they each cost less than $35.


$29.99; griffintechnology.com


Macworld 2010

A showcase of amazing accessories and innovative apps

While smaller in scope than in its heyday, Macworld still draws a large number of Apple enthusiasts. One of the most surprising things about the show for me was that Microsoft had a large presence, but there was none for Apple. Macworld gives iPhone and iPod touch venders an opportunity to show off their latest apps and accessories. Believe me, there was plenty of innovation on display. Here is a look at some of the more interesting iPhone and iPod touch accessories and apps I saw at the show.


Gear Up For Summer

Accessories for active outdoor iPhone adventures

Living in the Midwest brings me a deep appreciation for the return of warm weather after a long snowy winter. In addition to riding for miles each day on my recumbent bicycle, I enjoy hiking and exploring the natural environment. Living in the modern world, I also need to be connected and leverage the latest conveniences that technology has to offer. Combining these two passions used to be a struggle, especially since unprotected electronics don't hold up too well in unexpected thunderstorms. Also, nothing is worse than traveling all day to discover that your favorite gadget's battery is dead. Fortunately, several companies have come up with innovative products that will help protect and power your mobile electronics all day long!


Accessories for Your Summer Vacation

Flexible stands, headphones for kids, motorcycle gloves

Summer is here and the time is right… to get the family out of Dodge and head out on that annual summer vacation. If you're anything like me, you spend multiple hours and many months planning your summer vacation. This is arguably the most important planning you will do all year; your family depends on it and if you mess this up, the kids will be utterly disappointed.

So, after all this planning, how do you make sure everything goes smoothly, and you optimize every minute of the precious family time? Your iPhone will not assure smooth sailing, but it sure can help. We know the iPhone can make you more productive at work, but there are many ways your iPhone can make your vacation more productive and more enjoyable as well.


Kensington Sling Bag - highly recommended!


The Kensington Sling Bag has plenty of neat features that make it the ultimate carry all for your iPad. Not only can you safely carry your iPad inside a foam-lined pouch, but the bag also has room inside for a wallet, notebook, cleaning cloth, earplugs, and power cords. And, on the outside, there is another zipper-close pocket for your cell phone and whatever else you can fit inside. Very handy indeed!

Ivyskin's Smartcase goes the distance! Rugged protection plus extended battery!


Now I've seen it all.  I've been looking for a rugged iPad case that can withstand my occasional clumsiness, and give me peace of mind when I let my kids play with my iPad.  But I also wanted something that felt good in my hand, with a rubberized grip.  Not to be a dreamer, but an extended battery would be great, so I don't have to always plug in my iPad at night.  And a built-in stand would be nice.

Pad Your iPad

Covers and Carrying Cases

With the highly anticipated release of the Apple iPad, accessory providers flocked to the new platform to provide a whole new catalog of items in time for the April 3, 2010 iPad release date. Beyond Apple's own Keyboard Dock ($69), standalone Dock ($29), Case ($39), and Camera Connection Kit ($29), various vendors are offering their interpretations of what makes the ideal protective covers and carrying cases. While some have been able to repurpose existing products based on Netbook dimensions, most have accounted for the unique, slim dimensions of the iPad and designed products specifically tailored around those requirements.


Turn Your iPad into a Netbook

Don't get too excited. This is not due out until later this year.  The Clamcase turns your iPad into a Netbook. The case protects your iPad and includes a Bluetooth keyboard.  The case allows you to view your iPad in various positions, though it needs to be in landscape to use the keyboard. Check it out at clamcase.com

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