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Munitio Billet Earphones: Review


Technology has become a great part of all of our daily lives.  Things such as cell phones, earphones, and other tech products are with us every place we go throughout the day.  These items can be used to reflect our individual character or personalities. 

The Mobo iPhone Stand


I got a chance to check out the Mobo Stand by Fancygearbox.com ($24.99). The stand comes in two colors, black and white, and it arrives neatly packaged into a keychain-sized housing that is easy to carry around. When you take it out, it transforms into a mini-tripod for your iPhone. It is perfect for using alongside a Bluetooth keyboard, watching video, or making Skype or FaceTime video calls.

What I liked:



The Urban SetGo bag is great for carrying many different kinds of items at one time. The feature, which makes the SetGo bag so unique, is its ability to carry so many different types of items. It has compartments and Velcro straps for items of different sizes such as cameras, cell phones, money, or a magazine. The SetGo makes carrying a multitude of items very comfortable. It also offers much-needed security for the items, which you are carrying. We all know the price of a new iPhone today is around $600. By carrying the iPhone inside the SetGo bag the user can be assured of its security. It not only prevents vicarious activity but prevents the phone from being dropped or sliding out of the bag.

Eco Extreme Speaker


Pick your color: black, yellow, blue, green, or pink. This sturdy waterproof speaker case will serve you well in wet circumstances. Personally, I use my in the hot tub, but it would be great for fishing, boating, skiing or wherever there is the possibility of water damage to a digital device such as an MP3 player, iPhone, iPad, Android or other phone with audio output.

Two hefty latches with button locks on the right side secure a gasket seal tighter than a coffin. Inside a compartment measuring 6 1/4 x 3 1/2 inches will accommodate just about any digital device you want to tuck in there.




 I miss the stylus from the old Windows Mobile days. These new touch screens can be difficult for accurate typing, drawing, and pointing. A stylus is much more precise. When the iPhone first came out, I used to call its users nose miners. Ah, the good old days of yore.

Anyway, I'm back in business. I just acquired a magnificent MagicWand by MediaDevil that would make Harry Potter envious. While it's not an Elder Wand made at Alivans, it's a super pointer that improves typing accuracy immeasurably.

Snap2PDF, Snap Into Action!




Ever start to feel like you are super unorganized?  The feeling can be overwhelming at times.  Whether you are a student still in school or a pre-occupied businessman, the Snap2PDF application may be the answer to your prayers!

A Tale of Two Bags: One a Retro Military-Inspired Satchel, the Other a Futuristic Earth-Friendly Messenger Bag


Two distinct messenger style bags arrived this week, and they presented a nice contrast. The Trench Runner from M-Edge is a retro, army surplus-inspired satchel with several compartments for cables, chargers, and, of course, an iPad. The Narwhal from GreenSmart is an eco-friendly messenger bag (backpacks and duffels are available as well) with a strong emphasis on recycling.


Keep the music playing, the light shining, and the phone calling with Eton self powered radio, flashlight and USB charger #CES

Eton has made some cool self powered radios over the years, with cooperation from Grundig, but their latest offerings incorporate enhanced designed including aluminum accents that complement the American Red Cross red and white enclosure.

If the Pelican i1075 is just a case, then Fort Knox is just a playground fort #CES #MadeInUSA

I don't think it's fair to call the Pelican i1075 HardBack IPad Case a "case" when it is so much more rugged and substantial than typical iPad cases. Perhaps a better term is "safebox" or "strongbox!"

A case for beating cancer thanks to OtterBox #CES


If you watched the news lately, you may have seen the uproar when a certain charity with a noble purpose gets involved in politics.  It might make you jaded and give you pause before you make a donation or buy another "pink" item.  So when I saw today's press release from OtterBox, I read it carefully.

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