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iPhone car Mounts

#1 Magellan Premium Car Kit

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It’s hard to keep up with the vast number of accessories for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The amount of gear that is creative, useful, and interesting just keeps climbing, and it’s our job to bring you the highlights, so to speak. Here are some of the most notable accessories I’ve run across in the last couple of months.



These cases will keep your iPhone protected and looking stylish

The nice thing about the iPhone 4S having the same form factor as its predecessor is that there are plenty of cases to choose from. If you are upgrading from a Verizon iPhone 4, then your case(s) will fit your new phone. However, if you are upgrading from an AT&T iPhone 4, or from any other phone, you will need to buy a new case.

And now a word of parental advice (from a childless author): Always use protection when talking on your iPhone. The iPhone is made of glass, and replacing it can cost upwards of $800 dollars.


Origaudio: Smaller and Louder

Small, portable, and very loud.

OrigaudioIt is one of the iconic images of a generation: In the 1989 movie, Say Anything…, Lloyd Dobler stands outside Diane Court’s window, boom box held high over his head, blasting a serenade of Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes. Those were the days of the baggy pants, backward hats, and giant, shoulder-worn boom boxes. Often, carrying these barely-portable monsters of music required a friend to carry your assortment of cassette tapes.... and another to lug around an extra set of D size batteries.


The Solution For Our Cleaning "Solution"



The best “solution” for a clean screen (Pun intended). This is an awesome way to keep your screen clean as well as disinfected. The solution inside the bottle is an antibacterial solution which kills 99.9% of all bacteria for up to 24 hours. It is a non-drip formula and antistatic which cleans like no other. The great thing about cleaning with Antec Advance solution is the lack of an ammonia smell. We have all cleaned our computer screens or keyboards with a disinfectant only to realize that it chokes us so bad we can’t stay in the room.  So now we turn the fan on to blow the smell to our friendly “neighbor”.

Is the Q Card Case is a case that's a wallet, or a wallet that's a case?


In this job, I get to try out a lot of cases, and they're usually plastic, metal, rubber, or fabric. But the Q Card Case for CM4 is an interesting hybrid, combining a soft leather-like fabric where it counts and rubber for the phone case component. They have even applied for a patent for this combination.

The fabric portion has a slot that can hold up to three credit card or ID cards as well as some cash. There's a nice slot that makes it easy to eject the cards as needed.

GreatShield's Bubble-Free Screen Protector


My experience with electronics tells me that when I get a new piece, I need to make sure there is a screen protector on it from day one.  Trouble is, Apple does not sell screen protectors for the iPad at their retail outlets.  That put me on a search for the best screen protector, but my search just brought up more questions. What’s the difference between those sold on EBay for 99 cents, and those sold through Wal-Mart for 19.99?  My experience with the lower quality protectors is a lot of bubbles on the main part of the screen.

Take the arcade with you, with mobile iCade offerings from ION at CES


I've been playing with the original iCade for a few months (see original article here), and it's been great fun, but it sure ain't portable.

Well, the folks at ION have come through. At CES, they showed off their new iCade Jr., which brings arcade-style joystick and buttons from the larger model to the iPhone and iPod touch.


Take a look at Looxcie, at CES


I've had my eye on Looxcie (no pun intended) for a while, but the previous model was a bit too bulky.  It's like a Bluetooth earpiece on steroids -- not only does it work as a headset, but it has a wireless Bluetooth video camera so you can play Borg, record, and even stream your vision to the masses.  There are a number of situations where wearing one would make sense... traveling, for instance, or covering a tradeshow, press conference, or sporting event.  I have considered wearing one during CES or MacWorld, in fact, so I could live-blog to our readers!

Tablet Teddy Bears are like Pillow Pets for the iGeneration!


It was inevitable. As iPads find their way into the hands of kids (my kids inherited my iPad 1 when I upgraded to the iPad 2), we are seeing a whole new line of kid-friendly tablet accessories.

The latest examples are from Dean Designs and include Tablet Teddy Bears, Tablet Pet Pals, and Tablet Bean Bags. They are all cut from the same cloth, so to speak, which is a variety of cozy, stuffed animal style fake fur, with places to prop up an iPad or other tablet.


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