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Steve Overton has been working with and providing tech support for realtors for more than 20 years. He was a Dale Carnegie Instructor in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont for 10 years. During that time, he bought his first handheld device — an Apple Newton — and hasn't looked back since.

Currently a realtor in Vermont at Keller Williams Green Mountain Properties, Steve owns four Macintosh computers, as well as an iPhone, and iPad. He is happily married and lives on 25 acres with his wife of 16 years.

Not Just Another News Aggregator


I have downloaded and used multiple news readers in my journey for a perfect match. Many of them are very pleasing on the eye, and do consolidate news well, but they just didn't seem to complete me, if you know what I mean. Zite (free) is a new app that is very close in appearance to Flipboard, but the similarity stops there. Zite will let you customize your news AND learn what you like as you read, so that it delivers more stories that you are interested in, the longer you use it. 

Pocket Manager App is Free....for now


I have written about apps by this developer before. Intersog writes interactive educational apps for the business community. They are very extensive and well worth the $20 normal price. There are a couple of their apps available for free. I am not sure for how long they will remain free so hurry.

Another Note Taking Contender


There is another contender in the note taking category, GhostWriter Notes($3.99) by MajorSpot. At first glance this app appears to be very basic, and in some respects it is.

The iPad 3G Alternative


The iPad 2 is due to arrive any time now.

My first generation wifi-only iPad has been nothing short of amazing. I can't remember what life was like before it came into my life. The one regret I have had is that there wasn't a 3G model out when I bought mine. (early adopter's syndrome).

Pocket Informant on Sale!


Pocket Informant has been written about a number of times here and is probably my most used app. It's normally $14.99 for the iPad version and is now on sale during Macworld Expo for $6.99. It is also available at a discounted price of $4.99 for iPhone and iPod Touch too.

Get Back in Shape in 2011


Well, I am one of those that is taking on their exercise and diet regimen in the new year. It's almost a cliche, I know. Probably the most popular of New Year's resolutions. That said, I am still taking it on. Knowing I need help, I have enlisted friends to hold me accountable, gone public with a blog and I bought Fitness HD for my iPad ($3.99).

PhatPad Discounted!


I recently wrote a post about PhatPad and how it left me starry eyed for my Newton and it's handwriting recognition. Well I see now that they have cut their price in half for this weekend. So if you are quick on your feet, you can download it for $2.99 instead of $4.99. Hurry, bargains aren't forever.

iPhone on Verizon.....I Know, Yea Right.

Verizon...iPhone....iPhone....Verizon. It's what we have been hearing since the iPhone was released on AT&T.
....only thing is, it really does look like it's going to happen sometime soon.

The wifi only iPad has recently started selling in Verizon stores which seems odd because it's not a phone and Verizon only sells phones, then AT&T was voted the worst carrier by Consumer Reports.

I have been hearing rumors from people who seem to have direct lines to the Cupertino well, that point to a press release early January finally saying it's so.

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