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Could Palm's Pre Be Delayed?


Apple computers has sucessfully patented the multi-touch technology it uses on the iPhone and iPod Touch displays as of January 20th, 2009.

Is The Wicked DRM Witch Dead?

Apple announced today that nearly all of the music sold on iTunes will be 100% DRM free. DRM, or Digital Rights Management, has been the bane of the music downloading world since its inception. DRM is a security method to prevent people from copying and distributing music illegally which sounds good on the surface but because of the complexity of our changing lives and music playing products only proved to hamper and anger consumers.

Walmart Ready To Give Birth To The iPhone

Well it's been rumored for weeks now and today Walmart officially announced that they will begin selling the Apple iPhone in 2,500 of its stores this Sunday.

The official announcment puts to rest the rumor of Walmart carrying a special 4GB iPhone for $99. Both of the current iPhone models will be available at Walmart stores for $2 less than current pricing elsewhere.

The father of the iPhone, Apple Inc., had no comments on its website.

iPhone 2.2 Firmware Released Today

Apple has quietly released new firmware for the iPhone and iPhone 3G today. The new revision, 2.2 has minor bug fixes to improve stability and add new updated features to current built in applications. The official list of updates are:

Why the iPhone will Weather the Storm

There is a tremendous buzz in the tech industry about the release of the BlackBerry Storm today which will be sold by Verizon Wireless exclusively. The Storm is a new creation from Research in Motion that is the first touch screen BlackBerry that also has a unique tactile feedback function when you press on the screen. With the staggering amount of press this device is receiving, you’d think it was the hottest item for the holidays. Something Verizon hopes will in fact happen and finally knock the Apple iPhone off of its perch for the first time.

It's Official: Everybody Loves the iPhone


According to a recent J.D. Powers study, the iPhone tops the smartphone list with the highest overall customer satisfaction among business users.

The Apple iPhone was scored at 778 on a 1,000 point scale and received high marks in the categories for physical design, ease of use and handset features. Following behind the iPhone by 25 points is BlackBerry, which has been the celebrated smartphone amongst business users for years now.

Free App of the Week: Now Playing


Weekly review of select 'Free' applications from the

Free App of the Week: iHeart Radio


Weekly review of select 'Free' applications from the iPhone App Store.

This week I will be looking at an Internet radio program named, "iHeart Radio".


Free App of the Week: Take Me To My Car


Weekly review of select 'Free' applications from the iPhone App Store.

This week's review will will focus on a simple but surprisingly effective application named, "Take Me To My Car".


Not So Stupid iPhone Tricks


With the release of the iPhone, users have always been trying to do more with this incredibly useful smartphone. As subsequent firmware has been released with new features and the curiosity of devoted follower’s has come a bevy of tips, tricks and hidden features. Here are some of the better ones.

Some of these tips and tricks are version specific and may require the latest firmware to work.


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