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★ ★ ★ FREE for APPYHOLIDAYS ★ ★ ★ 
GlowTunes is a one of a kind application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that combines light and sound to create stunning works of art. 

The concept is simple: select the instrument of your choice, draw anything you'd like by turning on and off light pixels, then press play and watch as your unique drawing comes to life and creates it's very own beautiful melody! 

Can't decide which color to use? Turn on the all new Rainbow Mode to draw with brilliant rainbow patterns 

★ Universal App means one purchase and you own it for all of your devices! 
★ A vivid 8 color drawing palette and the all new Rainbow Mode 
★ Save and load your favorite Creations to show to your friends and family 
★ Fully customizable canvas makes every Creation one of a kind 
★ Play speed controls 
★ Plenty of instruments to choose from! 
★ HD Graphics for Retina Display and iPad 

Featured by iTunes as New and Noteworthy in the Music category for both iPad and iPhone 

Currently featured on the "What's Hot" List for Music Apps. 

It's easy to use, kid friendly, and will take your creativity to a whole new level. Stimulate your mind and dazzle your senses with GlowTunes! 

Discounted 100% ★ FREE ★ to celebrate GlowTunes Christmas being selected as on of the iTunes App Store's New and Noteworthy Music Apps! 

GlowTunes has shown tremendous educational value as well as entertainment value. See it being used at a prep school as a tool for teaching about children about music: