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AutoVolume - Self adjust volume based on background noise. Or limit music volume automatically while talking.

AutoVolume - Self adjust volume based on background noise. Or limit music volume automatically while talking.
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From now on ✭★✭ THINK DIFFERENTLY ✭★✭ about music loudness and how you always adjust it during the day!

Think of a world where music is always playing at the correct volume level (based on noise), or lowers itself when you talk.


✔ Forget about not hearing the music enough because of the background noise

✔ Forget about constantly pushing the volume buttons when noise is changing around you (transport stop n goes / city noise)

✔ Be able to listen music while your sudden attention is needed (in Office). Or talk while you listen music!


Watch Youtube video: http://t.co/2tL1Z0h


☛ This app will AUTOMATICALLY ADJUST the volume level depending on the average noise levels outside. All this Intelligently, gracefully and just as much as you prefer.

☛ This app is also able to INSTANTLY LOWER the music volume when talking or some noise is heard, making it useful in office where sudden attention is needed.

AutoVolume is beautifully designed, simple to use but fully customizable, and it just works! It's the ULTIMATE Automatic Volume Control - Best app for music listeners out there in the city.



✒ Use it while traveling on noisy transport that is constantly making stops (different noise levels every minute), when passing by a loud street.

✒ Use it or sitting in the office with an alarm that will lower your music at any noise or someone's voice.


AutoVolume comes with a documentation BUT it can be used not only by professionals, using the pre-configured profiles made for typical noise environments. Just load the Profile, set the minimum and maximum volume limits and you are ready to go.

✔ AutoVolume runs in the background


And for perfection, change the signal-to-noise (input/output) characteristics with your finger tips! Sensitivity, just the way you like it!


★★★ HOW IT WORKS ★★★

AutoVolume will constantly measure the outside noise level with the iPhone's built in microphone (on the headphones) and then gracefully adjust the music volume depending on the average noise measurements and your personal settings (see list of Parameters and Features). It will intelligently self level the volume using volume fader, using various averaging algorithms.


☯ Amplifier mode (volume adapts to the outside noise)

☯ Office mode (volume drops to the noise outside)


Everything works smoothly, everything can be adjusted for your needs!


★★★ Lot of PARAMETERS and FEATURES ★★★

✔ Change characteristics of signal-to-noise ratio (input/output volume curve) with your finger tips

✔ Change volume fader speed and increment (have the volume gracefully adjusted your way)

✔ Change threshold (set your preferences of minimum noise input)

✔ Change sampling speed and duration (for reaction speed and averaging characteristics)

✔ Choose between different averaging methods (Simple average or Median average)

✔ Use MicTouch protection (no more false volume inputs while switching songs with your fingers)

✔ Use different profiles (edit, save and load configurations quickly for different situations)

✔ Use Hold at Minimum function (volume remains low for a pre-configured amount of seconds)

✔ Built in Music player (access your iPod library right from the app)

✔ Shake device for visual help Median averaging is very handy when it comes to excluding short period, on-off sounds. For example a door shutting sound will not have any effect on music volume.



♦ You will need to be wearing your headphones with integrated microphone.

♦ Requires OS 3.0 or above

Please visit our homepage for more information, SCREENSHOTS, VIDEO and some brainstorming on the blog ;)

I hope this will be the best music app for you. We are building an AutoVolume community here and wish to hear about the ideas shared by you!