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Best of the Best

#1 Pandora

(Free, app2.me/2410) 

imagePandora Radio was one of the first great audio streaming services to become massively popular, and their award-
winning app is a must-have for anyone who ever listens to music.

2. Ringtone Maker- Make free ringtones from your music

(Free, app2.me/4043) 

imageThis user-friendly app lets you create free ringtones from your own music. Easily control the start and stop time of the ringtone, and create an unlimited number of ringtones.

3. SoundHound

(Free, app2.me/3287) 

Super-fast music recognition. Hum, sing, or tap while the song plays, and it'll recognize the song and artist. It even recognized my humming of a Hootie and the Blowfish song.

Streaming Music

1. Pandora 

(See "Best of the Best" section)

2. TuneIn Radio 

(Free, app2.me/4045; Paid version: $.99, app2.me/2996) 

imageBrowse through 50,000 radio stations and thousands of radio shows. Features an intuitive interface and the ability to pause and rewind live radio.

3. iHeartRadio

(Free, app2.me/2816; iPad version: app2.me/4046) 

imageGet 750 of the top 
American radio stations on your device. Also features exclusive digital stations including Slow Jams, White House Brief, erockster, Pride Radio, and more.

Made for iPad

1. Garage Band

($4.99, app2.me/3798) 

imageTurn your iPad into a 
portable music creator and recording studio. Play piano, organ, guitars, drums, and bass using multi-touch gestures. A must-have for iPad musicians. 

2. Djay 

($19.99, app2.me/3481) 

imageTransform your iPad into a full–fledged DJ system. Offers a true professional mixing 
experience and features looping, high-quality scratching, beat-synchronized scrubbing, and much more. 

3. iClassics

(Free, app2.me/4044) 

imageNavigate the world of 
classical music through this interactive drag and drop tagging interface. Features artists such as Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli, Renee Fleming, and many more.

For Musicians

1. Rhythm Studio

($.99, app2.me/4047)

imageThis app has recreations of classic synths and drum machines along with other amazing studio hardware. Features 3 ways to create songs.

2. Ultimate Guitar Tabs

($2.99, app2.me/2805; iPad version: Free, subscription required, app2.me/4048)

imageGet unlimited tabs and chords for 
guitar, bass, and drums from the large database at ultimate-guitar.com.

3. Cleartune

($3.99, app2.me/2788)

imageCleartune is a wonderful, chromatic instrument tuner and pitch pipe that accurately tunes your instrument using an external or built-in mic in your device.

$14.4 Billion

The amount of revenue generated globally by the mobile music industry in 2010. The figure is expected to be close to $17 
billion through the end of 2011. (According to Informa Telecoms & Media).