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Best of the Best

#1 Medscape

(Free, app2.me/4008) 

imageBy the makers of WebMD, this large and comprehensive medical app for healthcare professionals features 
references for drugs, procedures, and protocols. It also features offline access to clinical references.

2. Learn Muscles: Anatomy Quiz and Reference

($2.99, app2.me/4009)

imageThis app is a great educational tool. It features 138 muscle images with their names, audio pronunciation guide, action, origin, and much more.

3. PocketPharmacist

($1.99, app2.me/4010) 

imagePerfect not just for medical professionals, this app 
summarizes the top 530 prescription drugs in the United States along with their side effects. An extended database links to 25,000 other drugs.

Medical Professionals

1. Medscape

(see "Best of the Best")

2. Instant ECG 

($.99, app2.me/4014)

imageDesigned as an ECG guide for physicians, nurses, paramedics, and other health care 
professionals, this app doubles as a learning tool and quick reference guide.

3. Nursing Essentials

($5.99, app2.me/4015)

imageDeveloped by Informed Publishing, this app gives nurses access to critical information on such subjects as pediatric drug dosages, pain assessment, geriatric & cultural considerations, abbreviations, and more.

Made for iPad

1. Muscle and Bone Anatomy 3D 

($6.99, app2.me/4011) 

imageGreat for anyone interested in the human musculo-skeletal system. It features 3D models, quizzes, videos, and much more. A beautiful combination of imagery, knowledge, and interactivity.

2. Muscle Trigger Points

($2.99, app2.me/4012)

imageA visual reference for the most common trigger points with their corresponding referral patterns. Also includes comments and actions for each muscle.

3. 3D4Medical's Images

(Free, app2.me/4013) 

imageDeveloped using 3D 
computer software (they don't pop-out or spin around), these beautiful still images are perfect for sharing with colleagues or to complement a presentation. Contains over 200 images in total.


1. PocketPharmacist 

(see "Best of the Best" on left)

2. iPharmacy - Pill 
Identifier and 
Medication Guide

($.99, app2.me/4016) 

imageThis digital drug identifier has official drug information for over 20,000 drugs. Get dosage, contraindications, warnings and precautions, adverse reactions, and more.

3. iMeds - The Medication Reference

($.99, app2.me/4017; iPad 

version: $3.99, app2.me/4018) 

imageiMeds has information for over 7,300 FDA-approved medications. No Internet connection is required to access all the content.

Did you Know?

Chilmark Research estimated that 22% of doctors had bought iPads through the end of 2010. That number is expected to increase dramatically through the end of 2011.