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A Princess Tale: An Interactive Book

A Princess Tale: An Interactive Book
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Ushering in a new era of interactive storybooks, A Princess Tale is a children’s book in polished app form. Throughout an interactive journey of doing chores, feeding animals and picking out the perfect outfit,  A Princess Tale is the perfect storybook for girls ages 3 - 9 and toddlers. The road to the ball is full of energetic learning games and story telling! Tested by teachers and developed by parents, A Princess Tale is a phenomenal new app that both kids and parents will enjoy.


Throughout the story, there are exceptional mini games within the app. Inspired by interactive learning books, Princess brings many games parents will appreciate such as cleaning your room and doing daily chores. Wherever you are in the app, everything on the screen is touchable and fully interactive. After some time exploring the app, A Princess Tale by Tiger Stripes LLC is sure to have the little one entertained for hours.