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Miramem - Artificial Memory for Humans

Miramem - Artificial Memory for Humans
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Miramem is a carefully balanced task and memo management tool with an amazingly intuitive interface, offering you latest in innovative features. You can think of Miramem as your extended memory, personal assistant and safe keeper.

Ever forget something important? The PIN number of your card, an important password or picking up a suit at the cleaners? Miramem is going to save the day for you, probably on more than one occasion.

Some of the features you get with Miramem:

  • Records and tracks todos, projects and sensitive information
  • Military grade security for optimum protection of your sensitive data
  • Wide range of personalization options
  • Unique, unlimited folder and project hierarchy and flat views for effortless browsing
  • User definable categories for tagging and filtering
  • Ability to place recurring events into an automatic schedule
  • ‘In Focus’ feature for the day’s important tasks
  • iCloud sync between iOS devices - e.g. iPad and iPhone
  • Entering tasks into Miramem using the calendar on your PC or Mac without any setup
  • Full backup and restore using iTunes or browser
  • Themes, retina display and full landscape support
  • TextExpander touch snippet expansion

Download Miramem right now, before you forget! After that, the application will carry the burden of remembering things.