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Clown Commandos

Clown Commandos
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The first comic book app with REAL SOUND FX!

Clown Commandos is a unique, funny, and surprisingly deep new comic series. It covers a squad of heroes from an alternate universe where clowns actually evolved into elite soldiers. Now these heroes must survive in our reality where clowns are known as bumbling buffoons. A reality where the rubber nose is NOT a badge of honor.

Part G.I. Joe, part Ninja Turtles, and part Batman, these juxtaposed heroes fight crime while searching for a way home. But lookout--they take themselves very seriously while doing it. To them, there’s nothing funny about being a clown. And therein lies the heart of the series’ humor. No matter what kind of life or death struggle, no matter how evil the villain, Clown Commandos think nothing of taking down the bad guys with a well-aimed rubber chicken or a pie to the face.