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Designer Jobs iphone app, job tracker software

Designer Jobs iphone app, job tracker software
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Video introduction for job tracker software iphone app Designer Jobs here.

As a professional freelance Designer your jobs can vary a lot and come from a variety of places. 

If your agent writes your invoices for you, it can be tricky keeping track of what you’ve done and what’s yet to be paid. 

Flicking back through the pages of your diary or Calendar all the time to remember what you’ve done just doesn’t make the cut. 

Designer Jobs is the perfect app for tracking your jobs no matter where they came from. 

If you hate paperwork and just want to know how much is going into your wallet, this is the app for you. 


Use Designer Jobs to keep a record of all your regular clients or agents. Store whatever commissions or expenses are taken every time you work through them. (eg - Your agent may take a percentage as agency commission and perhaps withhold some tax.) Type these expenses in only once in the Referrers section. 

Add a job to the Job Section. Leave it plain and simple if you’re dealing direct with a client, or attach one of your Referrers to the job and Voila! 

Designer Jobs will automatically take out all the expenses so you can see exactly how much you’ll get in your hand. 


1) Add a one-off reimbursement to the job for something like software or travel fees. Or take out an advance you’ve already received so you know exactly what you’re owed. 

2) The Reports section helps you find what jobs are yet to be paid by each Referrer, all you’ve earned so far this year or just for a particular month. 

3) If you re-negotiate the commission rate with an agent, adjust it in the Referrers section and it will apply to all jobs from here on. 

4) Data is stored on your iPhone so you can regularly email yourself a backup of the data for safe keeping. 

5) Set the end of Financial year date so when you start a new year, Designer Jobs can delete all paid jobs from the previous year. 

You’ll never wonder if someone missed paying you for a job again!