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Securis is the most-powerful wallet application available on iPhone. The third revision of this extraordinary program is the best one yet, keeping up with our simple, but powerful, interface.

Aimed at both corporate and personal use, Securis is Simple, Safe, and Secure. It is the only password manager you will ever need.

It not only generates and stores passwords but also:
- Stores credit card, bank accounts, websites, and other secure information
- Generates cryptographically-secure passwords from 4 - 32 characters, using letters. numbers, and symbols
- Secures information with military-grade, 256-bit AES encryption
- Alphanumeric master key with data protection and self-destruct
- Can copy, sms, print, bluetooth share, or email account information
- Has an in-application private web browser
- Backup Passwords using iTunes File Share or Dropbox
- Download your accounts through your browser over a home network
- Beautiful seamless interface and minimalistic design makes working with Securis easy and fun