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GoldenPic tells photographers & filmmakers when the lighting will be just right for outdoor photography, and tells hikers, hunters, campers, pilots and anglers about important times of the day for their activities. (Network required for some functionality)

Architectural, Landscape, Wedding, Sports, Nature and Real Estate Photographers will absolutely love this app!

Plan your photo shoots for the best lighting at any location on any date.

All the important info in one simple clean interface. Don't dig through pages of info in other apps for what you're looking for. It's all right here.

A must have app for photographers! This will change the way you take pictures.

* Sunrise, sunset, golden and blue hours
* Moon Info and phases
* 5 ways to choose locations
* 13 custom background images
* Weather
* Save locations (GPS)
* Map it! to saved locations
* Email information to yourself or a friend from the app
* Time and Temp format settings
* Automatic Timezone detection
* Choose any date
* Slick Interface
* Ad Free!

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Jeremy Puent - "a wise man taught me about photography and told me the make or break thing for all shots is the lighting. You can have everything else right, but if the lighting is off... it's useless. Lighting can even make a bad shot great, and you can't beat God's light. So use it wisely... with this app!" Primary Category Photography Secondary Category (optional) Travel Keywords Photography sunrise sunset golden blue hour hunting camping fishing hiking outdoors weather Copyright 2011 Jebs Apps, LLC