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Jim Karpen
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Great Internet-Based Apps

Dictionary.com app for iphone/ipod touchThis one is a dictionary app with spelling and definitions for more than 275,000 words and a thesaurus with 80,000 synonyms. No Internet connection is required for the dictionary and thesaurus content, all of which is installed on your iPhone or iPod touch. However, all that content occupies a big chunk of memory. After I installed it on my iPhone, my free memory was reduced by about 240 MB. The app includes audio pronunciations, similarly spelled words, and Word of the Day. Note that you do need to be connected to the Internet to use these last three features.

As this article shows, some of the best apps available have a strong Internet component to them. It’s great to see the strong support major Internet Web sites and services are providing to iPhone and iPod touch users.

Dictionary.com is an app that puts the complete contents of a dictionary on your iPhone so you can look up spellings, definitions, synonyms, and more.