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Pandora Radio

Jim Karpen
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Great Internet-Based Apps

Pandora Internet RadioThis iPhone app makes it easy to access the hugely popular Pandora Internet radio site. Once installed, open the app and create a Pandora account. (If you’ve already created an account on your desktop computer, you can log into it via your iPhone.) Then, simply tell Pandora your favorite song, recording artist, or composer. Pandora scans its database for similar music, based on a wide variety of attributes identified by the Music Genome Project (pandora.com/corporate/mgp). It uses this information to create a personalized “station” based on your favorite song. This station streams similar music to you. Pandora Radio was released in July of last year and is in third place in the all-time top 20 list of free apps.

Create your own Internet radio station with Pandora Radio.

As each song plays, you have the option of clicking a thumbs up or thumbs down icon. Clicking thumbs down immediately ends that selection and skips to the next. (You’re limited to six “skips” per hour.) Clicking thumbs up lets Pandora know that you like this type of song and allows Pandora to further refine your selection profile to better suit your tastes.

Pandora works best over Wi-Fi, but you can adjust the quality so that it works well on a 3G or EDGE cellular data connection. (I find it works remarkably well over EDGE.)