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Imagine Poker Touch

Timothy Prentiss

Imagine Poker TouchImPFlushI also played with Imagine Poker Touch, a crazy game that lets you play Texas Hold ‘Em with Lincoln, Napoleon, Mona Lisa, Little Red Riding Hood, and other historical or fictional characters. You compete as one of the initially-unlocked characters, with a stake of $200. When you beat the players at one table, which isn’t always that easy, you move on to another.

Imagine Poker Touch gives players a chance to compete as Napoleon (left) and other historical or fictional characters. Playing Texas Hold ‘Em in overhead table viewing mode (right) speeds up play—you don’t have to wait for the animation of each player thinking and playing their cards. Then you can switch to the regular viewing mode when you’re in the final three, to see if you can catch any of the characters’ tells.

The constantly-panning camera, which swings quickly from one player to the next, can be dizzying, and the table talk isn’t worth listening to. (Napoleon sounds a bit like Inspector Clouseau.) One frustration for me is that I couldn’t build up a bankroll playing Imagine Poker. You only win money if you conquer all the players at a table, which seems fair enough. But even if you’ve won at two venues and lose at the third (Dracula’s castle), you’re totally broke and have to start all over again. I haven’t had the patience to see how much you can win.

All things considered, I prefer the tables at Apple’s Texas Hold ‘Em, where I win money around 25 percent of the time. My quarter-million in virtual winnings doesn’t come close to the $20 million I’ve “won” at Tiger Woods Golf on my PC, but it makes the train ride to work pass just a bit more quickly.