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Texas Hold ‘Em

Timothy Prentiss



Texas Hold ‘Em is Apple’s version of the popular poker variant. It includes near-lifelike videos of each player’s tics and tells as they decide whether to call, raise, or fold. Unfortunately, after playing with the same dozen or so characters, I still have no consistent feeling for who’s bluffing.

Try not to let your emotions—positive or negative—control you. For example, I don’t seem to try as hard when I’m playing “Darla,” the sexy cowgirl. It’s kind of fun watching her shimmy with joy when she wins a hand (even if it’s my money). TexasHBubbaAlso, I’ve developed a deep dislike for “Bubba” and will bet on questionable cards in the hopes of crushing him and watching him do his loser ritual—he smells his armpits every time he loses. He smirks when he wins, and unfortunately, he gets the better of me too often. The key to winning these multi-player games (with yourself as the only real person) is to know when to make your move.

Unfortunately, if your timing’s off, you have to be prepared to go home with your virtual tail tucked between your legs.

Darla (top-left) and Bubba (right) are some of the characters you’ll meet in Apple’s Texas Hold ‘Em. The table view (top-right) shows the status of all the players.