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Armageddon Squadron

Nate Adcock

ArmageddonArmageddonI saw some decent reviews for this one in the App Store, and the price was low, so I figured I’d check it out. Armageddon Squadron is a decent game overall, and I warmed to it more with time. It offers a lot of play options and scenarios that are engaging. For example, gameplay is not restricted to a front aerial view. Some of the missions require you to switch to a top-down bomber view so that you can accurately place bombs on targets below.

Armageddon Squadron: Bogie at 12 o’clock (left), and bombing a supply factory (right).

The plane’s steering is touchy, but this can be adjusted very effectively. The flight simulation graphics are decent and the dog fight sequences are the game’s best moments. The game also wins points for creating challenging scenarios—like trying to bomb a moving train before it arrives at a distant depot. Some of Armageddon’s game physics could use some improvement. For example, you can’t really bounce an airplane off of a mountain in real life (most of the time, anyway). The controls are well-spaced and firing and bombing is easy to control in this game. Because of the price and the good points of the game I’ve mentioned above, I recommend it.

Armageddon Squadron