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Patrick Jordan


Doppler's in-line browserDoppler is the most solid performer of all the native RSS apps I’ve tried. It has almost never crashed or hung up during operation. It includes a fairly attractive browser that presents individual feed items well. It also has a good range of action buttons for use with feed items, located along the bottom of the screen. These allow you to share or e-mail the item, open it in Safari, share it with a note, star it, or mark it as unread.

An individual feed item, displayed in Doppler’s in-line browser.

Doppler offers a good range of settings and options. For example, you can choose to only show unread posts, not display images, and show feeds in “river of news” mode. This mode presents all feed items in one stream instead of organizing them into separate folders, which requires you to browse each folder separately.

Doppler’s only real weaknesses are common to other native RSS apps; syncing is slower and overall performance is less snappy than on the Google Reader app.