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Doug Goldring
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eBooks on the iPhone

Readdle eBooksReaddle eBooksIn addition to the well-known document viewer, Readdle Docs, Readdle also publishes a number of eBook collections, including Shakespeare, Fairy Tales, Horror Books, Love Stories, and others. I tested their system out with Shakespeare and was quite impressed.

It included popular plays (Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet), lesser known works (Cymbeline, Sir Thomas More, and Two Noble Kinsmen), poems, sonnets, and more. But while I was impressed with the content, I was less pleased by the presentation. Like BeamItDown, there are no pages to turn. But, unfortunately, there is no automatic scrolling, either. You have to constantly flick and drag your finger to advance the text, and that proved frustrating.

Readdle’s Shakespeare app is not only extremely thorough, but also completely free.



Readdle eBooks