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Organize your music in Genres


While artist's names are objective, the genre their song falls into can be a highly subjective decision. Some users categorize their music collection into a handful of genres, but others may like to fine-tune things and have 50 or more. Your list of genres should reflect your needs and the way you organize music in your mind. For example, I have over 80 albums listed under the "Soundtrack" genre because I often want to listen to just soundtracks.

Since there is no right or wrong way to choose genres, you might be tempted to ignore this tag. Don't! Because genre is a flexible category, it gives you the power to customize iTunes in ways you might not have thought possible. In addition, genres come in extremely handy when you're creating smart playlists or syncing your music library to an iOS device. Here's how you set up your genres:

  1. Open iTunes and click the View menu and select "as Album List".
  2. Display the Column Browser (View>Column Browser).
  3. In the Column Browser, make sure the following are checked:
  • Artist
  • Albums
  • On Top
  • Group Compilations
  • Genre
  1. The Genre column should now appear above the list view.