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Kindle (for iPhone)

Doug Goldring
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eBooks on the iPhone

Kindle (for iPhone)


Releasing the iPhone Kindle app is probably the smartest move Amazon has made since introducing the Kindle. While the Kindle app is pretty bare bones, it does offer a few significant features that make it worth a closer look First of all, it’s tied to Amazon.com, and all of the 200,000+ books available for the Kindle can be read with the iPhone Kindle app. In addition, the prices of Kindle eBooks are very competitive, with most best-sellers costing $9.99 or less.

The Kindle App for iPhone uses Whispersync technology to sync your progress between the iPhone and Kindle 2.

The Kindle app does not have all the features that the Kindle 2 reader does. For example, the iPhone app can only view content purchased from the Amazon eBook store. The Kindle 2 can display those books and content in some other formats. Also, the iPhone app uses the Kindle 2’s Whispersync feature to sync the content between your Kindle 2 and the iPhone Kindle app. This means you can read a couple chapters of a book on the Kindle 2, switch to your iPhone, and continue reading the book from where you left off. In addition to all this, the app displays full color thumbnails and cover art. It’s worth a closer look, especially if you also have a Kindle 2.

Kindle (for iPhone)

  • Reader free, price of eBooks varies
  • Reinke LLC
  • amazon.com