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Use iTunes to name app folders in iOS 4

With iOS 4, apps can be put in folders to reduce screen clutter. You can create folders and move app icons in and out of them on your iOS 4 device. You can also manage these folders from the iTunes app on your desktop computer. Using the desktop version of iTunes is quicker and easier.

The only thing you cannot do in iTunes is create a folder. You must do this on your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad (when iOS 4.2 is available). To create a folder, hold down on an icon until it starts jiggling. Then drag one icon on top of another. The feature will place both icons in the new folder and give it a name based on the type of apps you've put in it. For example, if you drag one game icon on top of another, the folder will be named "Games." You can change this folder name immediately or later on. It's easier to change a folder name in iTunes.

Here's how you rename folders in iTunes:

  1. iTunesFolderConnect your iPhone or iPod touch to your computer, open iTunes, and wait until the syncing is finished (or skip syncing).
  2. Select your device in the left column of the iTunes screen, under the "Devices" heading.
  3. Go to the "Apps" tab. (Managing apps and folders works the same here as on your iPhone or iPod touch, but is quicker.)
  4. To rename a folder: Double click on the folder and its contents are displayed along with a dialog box. Modify the folder name in the dialog box.

It's easy to rename folders in iTunes by selecting your device and going to the "Apps" tab.

Additional folder suggestions:

  • Create folders for similar apps. For example, News, Games, Utilities, Social Media.
  • Make a folder for all the website icons you have on your Home screen (see first tip).
  • Consider placing one or more folders in the Dock at the bottom of the Home screen. For example, I put Calendar, Contacts, Email, and Messages in one folder and added it to the dock.
  • If you have a lot of third-party apps installed, put all of the built-in apps in a separate folder.