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eBooks on the iPhone

eReader daytime viewingThis is the most readily available of the expandable eBook readers, offering versions of the app for virtually every mobile platform out there. Since your library is maintained online, you can move books between platforms. For example, you can read an eReader book on an iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile smartphone, and more. However, you cannot synchronize your progress between platforms as you can with Kindle’s Whispersync.

eReader Nigthtime viewingThe eReader app for iPhone and iPod touch offers a tremendous number of features that reflect years of experience making eBook readers. For example, the table of contents displays a pie chart next to each title, showing you how much you have left to read in that book. The app also includes an auto-scroll feature that eliminates the need to tap the screen to move to the next page.

The popular eReader system is available on virtually any mobile platform. It features a daytime (left) or night viewing option (right).

The developers of eReader understand that reading a book is an intensely personal experience and have provided a variety of settings and customization options that let you control small details. For example, you can control the font (including size and color), theme (including night theme), orientation, and plenty of other settings.

The most important part of any eBook reader app is the book itself. No matter how many features it has, if you can’t find the book you want, the app will gather dust. Fortunately for eReader, it is associated with Fictionwise.com, an online bookstore stocked with a large number of current and older books in a wide variety of categories. Unfortunately, Fictionwise tends to charge more for their eBooks than other online sources. New releases generally cost up to $15. I should note that Barnes & Noble bought Fictionwise and eReader in March. It will be interesting to see if they do anything to expand the availability of eBooks and lower their price.


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