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Quit Smoking

Timothy Prentiss
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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy!

Quit smoking!

By now, everyone should know that smoking has all sorts of negative effects on your health. However, those who have smoked all their lives often have trouble quitting. I checked out an iPhone app called GottaKickit.

GKi lets you set the number of cigarettes you’re allowing yourself to smoke, and then the app tells you when you can take that smoke break. The interval is gradually increased, and eventually you are on your way to becoming smoke-free. You indicate that you’re having that cigarette by flicking the flame on a virtual lighter, and then the app tells you when your next smoke is due.

I can’t really put this app to the test because I’m a pipe smoker and make one bowl of pipe tobacco last around three days. But I’d like to challenge our readers who smoke to give the free version of this app a try and let us know if it works for you. The enhanced version may be worth it to free yourself from this addiction.

GottaKickit helps you quit smoking by keeping track of your daily cigarette intake.


  • $8.99
  • Free “Lite” version also available
  • Chris Zamara and Nick Sullivan
  • www.gottakickit.com