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Dual SIM card adapter Simore infinite 3G

Dual SIM card adapter Simore infinite 3G
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This dual SIM card adapter has been created for users looking for an High class product that include the latest Simore technological innovations.

For Simore Dual SIM Adapter Infinite V8.0 , our engineers have developed the "Bullet Injection" technology.

This new "Bullet Injection" technology strengthen and optimize the contact points between the SIM cards and the Simore Dual SIM Adapter Infinite V8.0 device, ensuring an optimum connection.

Simore Dual SIM Adapter Infinite V8.0 incorporates our latest SIM cards software algorithms recognition technology and is compatible with all Mobile Telecommunication operators.

The operating environment for PDAs and mobiles is constantly evolving. (iPhone OS, Android, Symbian, Bada, RIM, Garnet, Access Linux platform, LiMo, Meego, Mobilinux, WebOS, etc.).

The performance of Simore Dual SIM Adapter Infinite V8.0 has been significantly optimized for the iPhone, Android, Symbian, Bada and other mobile's OS .

Optimized processes enable to switch between SIM and USIM cards much faster. In addition, the performances have been significantly increased to facilitate the memory use and decrease the battery consumption.

For the new Simore Dual SIM card Adapter Infinite V8.0, our engineers have restructured and redesigned the software architecture to provide increased capacity, improved performances and faster applications.

Simore Dual SIM Adapter Infinite V8.0 is the latest generation intelligent device enabling you to install two SIM cards in one mobile phone.

Simore Dual SIM Adapter Infinite V8.0 is universal and installed directly into the slot of your SIM card.

Simore Dual SIM card Adapter Infinite V8.0 has been developed to support 3G and HSDPA networks and designed to be easily integrated into all phones, even those with an extremely thin SIM card slot such as the Apple iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, etc .

Simore Dual SIM Adapter Infinite V8.0 supports USIM and SIM cards from all mobile phone operators and allows users to take full advantage of Internet access and video connections via 3G networks - UMTS - WCDMA - HSDPA (High Data transfer speed)

Simore Dual SIM Adapter Infinite V8.0 guarantees connections to GSM, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, UMTS, WCDMA, HSDPA

Once inserted into your mobile, the Simore menu will automatically appear in the main menu of your phone. (You can also bring up the menu by dialling the Simore keyboard shortcut # 99) *

The Simore menu allows you to manage your two numbers and to define your settings.

You can switch from one number to the other in two clicks.

To achieve high quality products, Simore uses innovative and futuristic designs, together with the latest flexible printed circuit board technologies (Technology CoF)

Our focus on manufacturing quality, combined with excellent product components, allows us to create "best in class" products.

The micro-controller (high capacity) chip is now covered with film protection to ensure a safe use during handling.

Choose quality and enjoy a top-of-the-range product.

Simore Dual SIM Adapter Infinite V8.0 has an active internal memory allowing you to store, manage and protect your contacts and personal information (secret agenda, confidential directory, secret SMS, etc. ..).

Simore Dual SIM card Adapter Infinite V8.0 includes an encrypted SMS function which allows you to send and receive confidential information.

To use the "SMS encrypted" the mobile phone must support the storing or copying of received SMS messages in the SIM card memory.

The Dual SIM Infinite V8.0 version requires the cutting of your SIM cards.
Our system is reversible. We provide in every pack two recovery tools that enable you to restore your SIM cards to their original form and place each of them into two separate phones.

Technical specifications
Integrate 2 SIM cards in your mobile
Certified ISO - 7816
Compatible with both GSM and 3G mobile
Multi-language menu (ENG-FRE-GER-ITA-SPA)
Manual switch
Automatic switch (flexible duration)
Name and display the active SIM card
Protected internal memory
Secret agenda secured by a password
Secret directory secured by a password
Send and receive encrypted SMS
Secured storage of encrypted SMS
Support GSM network
Support GPRS network
Support EDGE network
Support CDMA network
Support UMTS - 3G network
Support WCDMA network
Support HSDPA network
Shortcut function