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In order to connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to an internal corporate network, a VPN is sometimes used. Here's how you configure a VPN connection:

1.  imageOpen Settings and go to General >Network >VPN.

2. Tap on Add VPN Configuration.

3. At this point, you'll need to enter the following information. You can get it from your IT department, which is responsible for supporting the VPN.

4. Description: Enter the name of the VPN connection.

5. Server: Enter the Web address or IP address of the VPN server.

6. Account: Enter your user name for the VPN account.

7. Password: Enter your password for the VPN account.

8. Use Certificate: Enter this if you or your IT department has provisioned your iOS device with a certificate that will be used to help identify it to the VPN server.

9. Group Name: Enter the name of the group on the VPN server that your user is assigned to.

10. Secret: Enter your "shared secret code." This is different from your password; it's the code used by everyone in your group on the VPN server.

Since VPN access will require support from your internal IT department, you should contact them if you have any problems connecting.