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How do I customize iPod/Music audio settings?

The iPod/Music apps have a few features you can customize. To see these, open Settings >iPod on your iPhone or iPad, or Settings >Music on your iPod touch. Here's what you can do:

  • Audio SettingsShake to Shuffle: (iPhone and iPod touch only): As covered earlier, this feature uses the device's motion sensor to switch songs randomly every time you shake it. You can turn the feature ON and OFF from here.
  • Sound Check: Since every music track is recorded at different sound levels, this feature lets you play all tracks at the same base sound level. You can turn this feature ON and OFF from here.
  • EQ: This feature controls the long list of frequency levels that affect your device's audio. You can choose between Acoustic, Classical, Electronic, Spoken Word, and many more.
  • Volume Limit: This feature sets a max volume limit for your device.
  • Lyrics and Podcast Info: If this feature is turned on, you will see additional information about your songs or podcasts when you tap on the Details button.

Customize your device's audio settings to fit your preferences.

Set Volume Limits to protect children's hearing

If you're going to share your iOS device with a small child, you might want to set a volume limit to make sure you don't damage young and sensitive ears. Go to Settings >iPod on your iPhone or iPad, or Settings >Music on your iPod touch. Tap on Volume Limit, slide the volume bar to the desired level and tap on the Lock Volume Limit button. You will be prompted to create four-digit passcode. You will need to enter this passcode if you want to disable the Volume Limit, so be sure to write it down somewhere.