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How do I create a Genius playlist?

The Genius feature "listens" to the music you're playing and finds similar songs and artists from your music library or from the iTunes store. You can create a quick Genius playlist from the songs currently on your iOS device. Here's how:

  1. Make sure Genius is turned on in iTunes on your Mac or PC. (To do this, open iTunes, click on Genus in the left column, and follow the screen prompts. When finished, sync your iOS device.
  2. Open the iPod app (or the Music app on the iPod touch).
  3. Tap on Genius Playlist (or the Genius icon in the lower left corner of your iPad screen).
  4. Tap on the song you want to base your music preference on.

  5. On the iPad, the Genius playlist will be displayed after a few seconds. At that point, you can Save, Refresh, or create a New Genius playlist.
  6. On the iPhone or iPod touch, tap on the back button to save your selection. Your device will show the Genius Playlist screen with songs similar to the one you chose.

Another way to create a Genius playlist:

Genius logoWhen you're playing a song, you will sometimes see the Genius logo above its album cover (below it on the iPad). Tap on it to start a Genius playlist based on that song.

Tap on the Genius logo to immediately create a playlist of similar songs. 

Create Genius Playlists on the fly

Using Voice Control, you can create a genius playlist simply by playing the song you like and saying, "Play more like this." Genius will find similar songs from your music library and create a playlist.