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How do I create a custom iPod menu bar?

The iPod app on the iPhone comes with five default browse buttons in the menu bar at the bottom of the display. Playlists, Artists, Songs, Videos, and More. On the iPod touch, these functions are divided between two apps: Videos and Music. The Music app has the similar default browse buttons, except that the Videos button is replaced with Albums. On both the iPod and Music apps, the More button displays all possible browse button options and allows you to change the defaults.

Browse button options:

  • iPod Menu BarPlaylist: Displays your playlists, which are collections of songs that you have created using your Mac or PC's version of iTunes, or on your iOS device using the iPod or Music app (see "How do I create playlists on my iOS device" later in this section). Tapping on the playlist name will reveal the songs in it.
  • Artists: Shows an alphabetical list of all the artists that have songs in your music collection. Tapping on the artist will show you their albums and/or songs.
  • Songs: Alphabetically lists all songs stored on your device. Tapping on a song will play it.

  • Videos: (iPhone only): Shows you a list of all the videos in your device. They are organized into several categories, including Movies, TV Shows, and Video Podcasts. Tapping on a video will play it.
  • Albums: Alphabetically lists all albums stored on your device with album art, title, and name of the artist. Tapping on an album will reveal the songs inside.
  • Audiobooks: Lists all audiobooks you have purchased or imported into your device. Tapping on an audiobook will launch it.
  • Compilations: If an album contains multiple artists, it will show up in compilations. Tapping on an album will reveal the songs inside.
  • Composers: Alphabetically lists the composers of all the songs stored on your device. Tapping on a composer will reveal all of his or her songs or albums.
  • Genres: Lists genres in your device's music library, including Rock, Pop, Jazz, etc. Tapping on a genre will reveal composers. On an iPad, taping on Genres opens a list of songs.
  • iTunes U: Shows lessons and any other media you've downloaded from iTunes U in the iTunes store.
  • Podcasts: Alphabetically lists (by publisher) podcasts you have stored on your device. Blue dots next to the publisher signify new episodes. Tapping on a publisher will reveal all episodes sorted by date.

Customize your iPod menu bar by dragging in the icons you want.

Customize the menu bar:

  1. Open the iPod app on the iPhone or the Music app on the iPod touch.
  2. Tap on the More button on the bottom right of the menu bar.
  3. Tap on Edit on the top right on the screen.
  4. Drag the desired browse button from the upper part of the screen towards the menu bar, and place it on top of the button you want to replace.
  5. Repeat step 4 for any other button you want to place on the menu bar.
  6.  Tap on Done to save the new menu bar.