71760 How do I save photos sent via text messages or e-mail? Rich Hall Alex Cequea iPhone Life 1528-5456 2011-03-21 May-June 2011 3 3 86 Media photos iPhone Photos (built-in app)

imageIf someone sends you an interesting photo, you can save it to your photo album. Here's how you do it:

Saving a photo from a text message received on your iPhone:

1. Open Messages.

2. Tap on the conversation with the image.

3. Tap on the photo.

4. Tap on the Action button on the lower left-hand side of the screen (it looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it).

5. Tap on Save Image. Your image will be saved in your device's Camera Roll.

Save photos you receive from e-mails and text straight into your device.

Saving a photo from an e-mail message received on any iOS device:

1. Open Mail.

2. Tap on the e-mail message with the photo.

3. Tap on the photo.

4. Tap on Save Image to save it to your device's Photo album.

Copy and paste images right into new e-mail messages

You can copy images from an e-mail message and paste them straight into the body of a new e-mail without having to save it on your device. Simply tap on the image, tap on Copy when the menu comes up, open a new e-mail message, tap on the body of it, and tap on the Paste option when it appears.