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imageApple's Visual Voicemail system not only lets callers leave you a voice message, it allows you to pick which message you want to listen to. Gone are the days when you had to listen to a long list of messages just to get to the one you're interested in. Here are some tips on how to use the feature and manage your voicemail:

Use Visual Voicemail to listen to the important messages first

• If you have new messages waiting for you, the Slide to Unlock screen will change to Slide to Listen, taking you directly to the Visual Voicemail screen.

• If your phone is already unlocked, you'll see a small red number on top of the Voicemail icon indicating the number of voice messages waiting for you. Tap on the icon to go to the Visual Voicemail screen.

• A blue dot next to a message means that you haven't listened to it yet.

• Tap on a message to listen to it; tap it again to pause.

• Use the slider to fast-forward or rewind a message.

• Tap on Delete to erase the message.

• Tap on Call Back to dial the person back.

• Tap on the blue arrow next to each message to go to that person's contact information screen.

• Tap on Greeting in the top left corner of the screen to record your personal voicemail greeting.

Retrieve Deleted Messages

If you ever accidently delete a message, you can retrieve it by scrolling all the way down the voicemail list of messages and tapping Deleted Messages.