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How do I change the computer that my device syncs with?

In an attempt to prevent copyrighted content from flowing freely between different computers, Apple makes the process of transferring media files from your device to different computers complicated. If you don't do it correctly, you can end up erasing your entire media collection. You can install iTunes on multiple computers and authorize up to 5 computers to transfer files from the device to the computer. (But you have to do it one computer at a time.) Let's say that you buy a new computer and want to transfer purchased music on your device to it. What follows are the steps involved for using your device to transfer iTunes content between computers (the original computer you have been syncing with and the second, new computer you want to sync with):

  1. Install or upgrade to the latest version of iTunes in both computers. This will ensure a smooth transition. To check your iTunes version, click on "iTunes" in the menu bar then click on Check for Updates. Follow the prompts to update to the newest version.
  2. Transfer your entire iTunes library from your old computer to your iOS device. (Music, Movies, TV Shows, and Books).
  3. On the new computer, open iTunes and click on Store, then Authorize This Computer.
  4. Type in your Apple ID and Password and click on Authorize. iTunes will tell you how many computers you have authorized so far. Follow the instructions in the previous how-to to transfer your entire library content into the new computer.
  5. Connect your iOS device to the new computer, and it will ask you if you want to transfer purchased items into iTunes. Click Transfer.
  6. On the old computer, click on Store, then Deauthorize This Computer.