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How do I transfer music I didn't purchase through iTunes?

If you've downloaded music from another source or ripped it from a CD you own, you can transfer it to iTunes in a couple of ways.

Transfer it using iTunes:

This is described thoroughly in "Importing existing music into iTunes" (page 68).

Use a third-party program to transfer music:

A number of third-party computer programs let you do this. Check out the following:

  • PhoneView (Mac only, $19.95, ecamm.com/mac/phoneview): This program replaces iTunes as a music player and media transfer system. You can use it to transfer music to the iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch. In addition, it lets you access all your iOS device contacts, call logs, media files, voice mail, and everything else from your Mac.?
  • Xilisoft iPhone Magic (PC only, $59.95, xilisoft.com/iphone-magic.html): This program works as a device manager for your iPhone or iPod touch, making it easy to transfer files in and out. The iPad version of this program, Xilisoft iPad Magic ($55.95) provides similar capabilities.

Use Cloud Storage to transfer between Mac and PC

If you are transferring between a Mac and PC, you will not be able to use an external hard drive. Instead you can use a cloud storage program such as Dropbox (dropbox.com).