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Organize “mobile” Web sites into special folder


As the number of iPhone and other smartphone users increases, more and more Web sites are offering “mobile” versions of their Web pages. Because these pages have a simpler design and fewer graphics, they require less bandwidth to download. It’s true that Safari can display almost any Web page, but it will download these mobile pages more quickly and you’ll have to do less zooming and scrolling to access the information. Save Web sites optimized for the iPhone in a special “MobileSites” bookmark folder.

Web sites can “sense” what type of device is connecting to them and may automatically redirect iPhone’s Safari browser to the mobile version of the site. If it doesn’t, there may be a link to the mobile site on the home page of the regular site. When you discover a mobile site you like, save it in a special bookmark folder in Safari. That way, it’s easier to access sites designed for your device. To create a special folder, open Safari, tap on the Bookmark icon at the bottom of the page, hit the Edit button at the bottom of the Bookmark page, and then hit the New Folder button. Name the folder “MobileSites” or something like that.