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Zombie Line

Eric Pankoke

zombieLineZombie Line isn't all that compelling, but I haven't regretted buying it for one second. Its unique visual style sucks you into the game and the interesting array of weapons continues to surprise you and make you wonder what's coming next.

In this game, you must protect a damsel in distress from zombies as she tries to get to the door at the end of each level. Shoot everything that's not the damsel, collect money to buy weapons and health, and get to the exit on each level. You can't be injured by the zombies…but the damsel can!

There are no fancy 3D images; all the elements of the game are rendered as red outlines. What makes it a treat is the fact that the characters and the zombies are all extensions of the line that represents the floor (hence the title Zombie Line). It's so cool to watch the zombies rise up out of the line and move towards you. This is certainly not the most graphically sophisticated game out there, but it has one of the coolest visual styles. It may not keep you occupied for hours, but it's worth the experience. Grade: B.

Zombie Line

More zombies lurking in the App Store

Beware! There are more zombie games lurking in the App Store. Type "zombie" into the App Store search engine and have at them! You can't go wrong with big name titles like Resident Evil 4 (Free version, app2.me/3138; iPhone/iPod touch version: $4.99, app2.me/3136; iPad version: $6.99, app2.me/3137) or Zombie: Infection ((Free version, app2.me/3141; iPhone/iPod touch version: $2.99, app2.me/3139; iPad version: $6.99, app2.me/3140). However, there are a few that I'll never go near again.

If you're looking for some gruesome entertainment, check out these games. They're not the best known titles, but they'll provide you with hours of fun. Happy zombie slaying!