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Zombie Flick

Eric Pankoke

zombieFlickZombie Flick is one of the more original games I looked at. As with other zombie games, you're the lone survivor fighting off hordes of the undead. But this one lacks guns or any sort of traditional weapon.

Zombies come at you from all directions, and all you have to throw at them are items from the pile of junk you're standing on. You fight off the moldering crew with rolls of toilet paper, old guitars, and an occasional cat. The targeting is also interesting; you simply swipe a line between the object you're holding and the zombie you wish to attack. If you angle the line just right, your object will ricochet off one zombie and destroy others.

This is definitely one of the better looking 3D zombie games, in large part due to the vast variety of zombie types. You're attacked by dead cheerleaders, moldy quarterbacks, and a variety of decaying Village People. Deadly Elvis impersonators even get into the act. The characters and objects in the game are varied and detailed. About the only thing missing from your junk pile is the proverbial kitchen sink.

Zombie Flick is one of the most original and engaging games in this genre. Just when you think you've mastered the technique of flicking objects to kill zombies, a particular variant of the undead will come along to throw a wrench (or dumbbell, more appropriately) into your plans.

The more you play, the more determined you'll become to reach a higher score with less tosses. Grade: A-.

Zombie Flick