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Rednecks Vs. Zombies

Eric Pankoke

rednecksVzombiesI can't think of a much more amusing scenario than a trailer park being overrun by alien meteors that produce nasty zombies. While there are times when this game starts to feel like just another shooter, it has enough quirkiness to stand on its own.

In this game you're redneck, Tucker Ray trying to rescue your sweetheart, Betty Sue from the menacing zombies. In true dual stick fashion, you use one thumb to move your character around the screen and the other to fire your weapon. You can auto-target, which in effect turns the weapon joystick into a simple button; I highly recommend this for everything except the boss battle. Your basic weapon is unlimited, and you'll get the chance to use three special weapons, including a squirrel blaster—by far the best weapon.

Unfortunately, there are only three levels to the game, so seasoned gamers will probably beat it in an hour or less. This is especially true if you take advantage of the fact that you can always go back as far as the last save point, and weapons regenerate after you've used them. In other words, always go back for the good weapons to defeat the tough monsters. If you play like me, you'll spend as much time running backwards as forwards.

The graphics aren't bad, especially when it comes to the surroundings. I especially like the trailer level with the flamingos and toilets littering the landscape. Tucker Ray and Betty Sue look pretty decent as well. The zombies look a bit on the stiff side (pardon the pun) and look like blocks with skins painted on. I wish the comments that Ray and Betty made were louder and a bit more frequent, but the sound effects are decent enough, the best being the squirrel cannon.

A couple more levels would be nice, or the developer could have broken up the three long levels into smaller segments. It would make the game feel like there's more to it. There are better dual stick shooters out there, but this is one of the best with a zombie theme. Grade: B-.

Rednecks Vs. Zombies