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Zombie Escape

Eric Pankoke

zombieEscapeThis fast paced game lets you control an army trying to keep the zombies at bay while it guides clueless 
civilians to choppers so they can be flown to safety.

You start out with campaign mode, which takes you through 28 days of mashing the undead in several locations throughout the city. When you make it through the 28 days in one location, you can play that same location in survival mode. To rescue the innocents, you need to draw lines from them to the choppers. You also need to use the civilians to pick up supplies that are dropped for you. Your armaments include a sniper rifle, a small bomb, and my favorite—a piece of meat to distract the zombies. (You can also use the meat to lure the zombies into a group so you can destroy them all with a single bomb.) Controls consist of swiping to draw lines or tapping to use weapons; it's pretty easy to figure out. The challenge of this game is to manage the frantic innocent bystanders while dispatching the zombies at the same time.

The graphics are sweet but a tad gruesome. (You get to watch as the zombies devour the poor souls that didn't make it to the chopper in time.) If you're a bit squeamish or want to save your children from the spectacle of splattering blood, you can turn off the blood. The sound effects are a bit eerie and include the screams of innocents and the zombies chomping on unlucky victims. The background music helps fuel the tension in the game.

Editor's PickZombie Escape is a fresh take on the whole zombie infestation genre. It brings some much needed change to the whole line drawing concept as well, especially since it doesn't involve vehicles. I really like the fact that you have to manage both the survivors and the army. It gets hectic at times, but in the end it's quite rewarding. Grade: A

Zombie Escape