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Facebook-buttonThaddeus Computing boasts a 25 year history of hard-copy publishing with an ongoing focus on mobile computing. Not too long ago, I sat around a table of writers, bloggers, advertising executives, managers and graphic designers from the magazine, explaining the value of adding social media components to their brand.

I am happy to report that iPhone Life has totally embraced the ever-evolving world of Social Media. So, hello from the social media world of iPhone Life magazine!


Our Twitter account is a source of great insights from our large array of writers and bloggers. Our inimitable Chief Twitterer, Gary Abel, crafts tweets with a bit of fun. With over five thousand followers, you'll find plenty of personal conversation, answers to customer service questions, discussions of blog posts, and fun contests and giveaways.

Here are a few sample recent Gary tweets:

Sometimes you just don't get enough credit. Free device lets you read credit cards on your #iPhone , #iPod touch and #iPad ; http://ow.ly/30Pcm

Feeling drained? Check out Mophie Juice Pack Air and Powerstation. Quick recharges for your #iPhone  and #iPad    ; http://ow.ly/30b0Y

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Don't go getting all Medieval on me! (Anyone still use that expression?) Check out the #iPad game Medieval HD; http://ow.ly/30PV2

From one of our admirers:

#kipcamp - check out @iPhoneLife. Good Tech info & some good video clips posted recently! Very informative and fascinating!


Our Facebook Page (facebook.com/iphonelifemagazine) is a team effort and is becoming a dynamic community of people who love their iPhones, iPod touches and iPads. It is a great place to get news, reviews, and tips from our iphonelife.com blogs without having to leave Facebook. We've introduced new features, including Writer Wednesdays, Advertiser Spotlight, and our popular Weekend App Questions.

Recently, we asked which app do you open first on a Saturday morning? Not surprisingly, the majority of answers were "Facebook!" My personal favorite answer was "Calendar…to make sure it's really Saturday." We also learned that many of our fans pulled up a game called, "Words with Friends."

There's always something interesting happening on our page, so if you enjoy Facebook, come by and "Like" us!


We'll be reporting about our developing YouTube Channel in future columns. We'll be video blogging from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and MacWorld. Stay tuned.