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PocketMoney: Track personal finances quickly and easily

Patrick Jordan

PocketMoney screenshot thumbnailSimple interface, plenty of functionality

PocketMoney's interface is simple, but the program packs a strong feature set for managing all your personal finances. It lets you set up and manage a variety of accounts quickly and easily, including checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and more. PocketMoney makes very good use of category lists (utilities, food, entertainment, etc.) to minimize text input throughout the interface. You can get rid of default categories that you don't ever use, or add new ones tailored to your own needs.

The program lets you create a virtually unlimited number of accounts, categories, and subcategories. In addition, you can generate various report types, back up your data, set a password, and import data from the Palm OS version of the program. The developer maintains a very good online FAQ and Tips page. They plan to add recurring transactions, filters, and budgets to the program in the near future.

PocketMoney is easy to use without sacrificing features. I am not a particularly well-organized manager of my personal finances, but PocketMoney makes it simple enough for me to feel quite competent at this stuff!