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Turn iPhone/iPod touch into a portable hard drive for your PC or Mac


Move files between iPhone or iPod touch and your PCOne way to transfer documents (Word, PDF, etc.) created on your desktop computer to your iPhone is to e-mail them to the iPhone as an attachment. You can also use the Yahoo IMAP e-mail service to create a new mail folder which would then appear on the iPhone. However, simpler solutions are available on the App Store.

View various document files on mobile deviceFiles ($6.99) allows you to connect your iPhone or iPod touch to a Wi-Fi equipped PC or Mac and drag-and-drop files between the devices (Fig. 12). In addition, it allows you to view a variety of document formats on your iPhone, including Word (Fig. 13), Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, images, text, html, video, and audio files. The program handles large files well.

Air Sharing ($4.99) also lets you connect to any Wi-Fi equipped Mac, Windows, or Linux computer, move files between the mobile device and the computer, and view documents or play media files in many common formats. The 8-16 GB micro drive on your iPhone or iPod touch provides you with plenty of file storage space. Both of these apps will let you use your Apple device as a portable hard drive with your Mac or PC. And both are available in the iTunes App Store.



Figs. 12 & 13: Files lets you move files between your iPhone or iPod touch and your computer (left) as well as view various document files on your mobile device (right)